• The mid-week biscuit break #4


    Welcome to another edition of the mid-week biscuit break, a weekly series sharing some of the things I’ve watched, read and listened too. The Christmas Chronicles – Netflix The Christmas Chronicle tells the story of Teddy and Kate, siblings who are struggling with their father’s recent death. On Christmas Eve their mother has to work,…

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  • mid week biscuit break graphic

    The mid-week biscuit break #2


    Hello and welcome to the second edition of the mid-week biscuit break. This week’s image comes courtesy of Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash (I will sort my own image out eventually I promise). I would have included Dynasties: Penguin on this list but A) I included the chimpazee one last week and B) I nearly cried a million times.…

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  • The mid-week biscuit break #1


    Hello and welcome to my new and (hopefully) weekly blog series – The mid-week biscuit break. The idea of the mid-week biscuit break is to share what I’ve been watching, listening too, reading and any other bits and bats that I quite liked throughout the week. This isn’t my first attempt at a weekly blog…

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  • The weekly edit #4


    This article contains some affiliate links Hello and welcome to the fourth weekly edit – A post that comes to you every Friday, rounding up the week that was My saved items list on ASOS is out of control I tell you I go through phases with clothes – I’ll have a period where I receive…

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  • The weekly edit #2


    Hello and welcome to the second weekly edit – A post that comes to you every Friday, rounding up the week that was. Well, I survived a week (ish) in Nofolk with my family. On Friday Jody and I packed up the car and drove four hours to Wroxham, a small village in Norfolk. We…

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  • Life Lately: A Quarter One Catch Up


    Well that first quarter whizzed by didn’t it? Well sort of – January dragged on for what felt like forever but February and March were over in no time at all.  It’s been a pretty good quarter for me – Nothing super exciting happened but I’ve been feeling very happy and content since the beginning…

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  • And that was…January


    Just a heads up, this post contains affiliate links. So I’ve decided to change the format of my monthly round up post – If you look at previous ones you will see I used to write a couple of sentences about events that had happened but now I’ve brought back ‘The Sunday Catch Up’ it…

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  • And that was…November


    November Illustrating my body. My new tattoo is healing nicely – I’m just waiting for that shiny layer of skin to flake off to reveal it in all it’s glory. I’ve already got a couple of ideas in mind for my next tattoo it’s just a case of waiting for my tattoo artist’s diary to…

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  • 5 things I’m looking forward to in November


    November is usually a pretty boring month in the life of Jess. There are no birthdays, no big events and it’s basically just Christmas month eve isn’t it? The weather’s crap, it’s dark when you leave the house and dark when you come home and chances are you’re eating all the carbs in sight. BUT…

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