• the mid week biscuit break - pexel image of flower and cup of tea

    The Mid-Week Biscuit Break #10


    Hello and welcome to the TENTH (!!) mid-week biscuit break. Today I have an abundance of documentaries for you aswell as the usual podcast and article round up. Image from Raw Pixel via Pexels. Abused By My Girlfriend Alex Skeel was abused for years by his girlfriend and the mother of his two children. She…

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  • mid week biscuit break graphic

    The mid-week biscuit break #2


    Hello and welcome to the second edition of the mid-week biscuit break. This week’s image comes courtesy of Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash (I will sort my own image out eventually I promise). I would have included Dynasties: Penguin on this list but A) I included the chimpazee one last week and B) I nearly cried a million times.…

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