• What I’m currently lusting after


    Today’s post was supposed to be a life lately one but I found that I was waffling on about a load of shit so I scrapped it. Instead I’m sharing a couple of things that I’m currently lusting after (I’m skint/saving so no buying any of them I’m afraid!). Disclaimer – I haven’t used any…

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  • Ten things making me super happy lately #5


    I’m kicking off this new week with a classic ‘ten happy things’ post as I’m really struggling to get photos for my posts at the moment – I am so bloody ready for some longer, lighter days! 1.0 The above print from Sooshichacha. I saw a promoted Instagram post from Sooshichacha offering a personalised print…

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  • Double leopard print co-ord

    OOTD: Leopard print co-ord


    Today I am sharing something a little bit different with you all – An outfit of the day post featuring this lush ASOS leopard print co-ord. This post contains affiliate links. Jacket £48 // Skirt £30 // Turtleneck Body £16 (out of stock – similar) // Boots Topshop (old) Ever since I saw Stacey Dooley’s documentary on fast fashion I’ve…

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  • Three things: In sickness and in health, pretty purchases and a good old movie recommendation


    Aaaand I’m bored of the weekly edit already. Oops! I guess I just can’t be bothered to commit to a weekly post at this moment in time. I felt like posting today though so here we are – Three things from this week that I fancied writing a paragraph or two about (FYI – This…

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  • Where I’m at, right now, at this moment in time.


    Hey guys, happy Monday! There’s a bit of a brain dump coming your way – You have been warned! Yep, that’s right, at the moment I am stressed. All of the house drama is starting to really wind me up and I just want to get things over with now. The estate agents haven’t been…

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  • And that was….February


    I wasn’t going to write a monthly round up post this month (it’s been pretty boring and tbh, I think I need to rethink the format) but as I was the only person in work yesterday and the phone rang, oh I don’t know, TWICE ALL DAY, I may aswell run one up. I usually…

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  • Festive favourites


    BLOGMAS DAY NINE McDonalds Terry’s chocolate orange McFlurries Last year I missed out on the chocolate orange McFlurries and this year I was determined not to make the same mistake as chocolate oranges are my FAVE. The McFlurry was just as good as I hoped it would be and I’m going to miss it when…

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  • So I got a new tattoo…


    FYI I’m aware this isn’t the greatest photo in the world – It was taken straight after Sam had finished tattooing me so it’s pretty rushed and now it’s all crusty and won’t be photo ready for a week or so! When I was 15 I had big plans to cover myself in tattoos the…

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  • And that was…October


    Celebrating my brother getting married! At the grand old age of 30 my brother married his beautiful wife Ros in a small ceremony followed by a sit down dinner at a gorgeous country pub. The food was bloody lovely, it was great to see various family members and as always, my niece and nephew were…

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