• Ten favourites from 2018


    The last few months of 2018 have been rough but we are almost at the end of it (thank God) so here are some positives/favourites from the last 12 months. 1.0 Knowing that whatever life throws at us, husband and I are pretty solid. The last couple of months have been a bit shaky due to things…

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  • Four lessons learned in 2018


    2018 was going pretty well then around September time, everything came at once. Unexpected deaths, a change in living situations, estate agent troubles and a broken calcaneus resulting in surgery and months off work for the husband. With all of this in mind is it any wonder I’m R-E-A-D-Y for 2019? I don’t usually go…

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  • Ten things making me super happy lately #4


    As explained previously, things are a bit quiet in my life at the moment and I’m also really struggling taking photos because of the current daylight situation. I’m working on it but for now, have a ten happy things post. 1.0 Husband has had his operation. Praise Satan, the husband has finally had his operation on…

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  • Three things: In sickness and in health, pretty purchases and a good old movie recommendation


    Aaaand I’m bored of the weekly edit already. Oops! I guess I just can’t be bothered to commit to a weekly post at this moment in time. I felt like posting today though so here we are – Three things from this week that I fancied writing a paragraph or two about (FYI – This…

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  • The weekly edit #1


    Just a heads up – This post contains affiliate links. Hello dear readers and welcome to a *new* segment on Alright Blondie – The weekly edit. As much as I have loved creating The Sunday Catch Up, I think it’s time that it was put to bed. I have loved creating the little Sunday round up posts but…

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  • The Sunday catch up #58


    Hey guys and happy Sunday! It’s just a short and sweet one from me today as… It’s our one year wedding anniversary today Yes that’s right, today marks one whole year since Jody and I got married in downtown Las Vegas. It’s weird – The year has flown by scarily fast yet it feels like…

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  • Ten things you will probably relate to if you have tiny titties


    Up until very recently, my chest was pretty much non-existent. My sister – who is three years younger than me – would often flaunt her ample assets whilst I wondered when mine were going to sprout. Over the last couple of years they’ve finally come in (I think it’s because I eat a lot more than I…

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  • The Sunday catch up #54


    Hey guys and happy Sunday to you all. This week has been interesting. I’m not gunna go into it cos it’s not really my thing to share and tbh, I don’t think you’d find it interesting anyways but it’s gunna be a turbulent couple of months in my household and there’s a lot of stuff…

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  • The Sunday catch up #53


    Happy Sunday everyone! I hope we are all feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead – Apparently we are in for a beauty of a week so sandals and sunglasses at the ready! As per usual I don’t want to ramble on too much – you guys know what the deal is with my…

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  • Life Lately: A Quarter One Catch Up


    Well that first quarter whizzed by didn’t it? Well sort of – January dragged on for what felt like forever but February and March were over in no time at all.  It’s been a pretty good quarter for me – Nothing super exciting happened but I’ve been feeling very happy and content since the beginning…

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