• 'Life is uncertain, eat dessert first' chalkboard sign

    My favourite Alright Blondie blog posts of all time


    In the almost 4.5 years I’ve been blogging I’ve not once sat down and gone through all of my old posts for fear of cringing to death. Well my friends, I’ve finally done it and some of them aren’t half bad – Here’s a selection of my favourites. The importance of curating a life offline…

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  • The things I watched, read and listened to on holiday


    Watched Crazy Rich Asians Crazy Rich Asians was one of the in-flight movies on the way to Mexico and after missing it at the cinema, I knew I needed to watch it. The movie is a little bit corny in parts but overall, I really liked it. The book was available on Amazon for £2…

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  • My (slightly late) spring summer goals


    After completely failing on my the goals I set at the beginning of the year, I decided to be a little bit less harsh on myself. Instead, I’ve set some smaller, seasonal goals that I hope to complete by the end of August. I would really like to have doubled my savings As they currently…

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  • me in pink on balcony on holiday

    And in the blink of an eye, I’m back


    And just like that, I’m back from Mexico. Rather than dive in head first with a slew of holiday posts, I thought I would ease myself in with a little hello, bonjour, hola kinda post. A catch up if you will. First of all – I had a great time on holiday but for the…

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  • Happy things - photo of cakes and cupcakes at the wedding fair

    Ten things making me super happy lately #6


    Happy Wednesday – I’m always a positive peach on a Wednesday as it means we are halfway through the working week and halfway to the weekend. To go with this good mood, today we have a happy things post – Enjoy! 1.0 Comfort honeysuckle and sandalwood fabric conditioner. Kicking things off with this rock and roll item. God I’m boring…

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  • What I’m currently lusting after


    Today’s post was supposed to be a life lately one but I found that I was waffling on about a load of shit so I scrapped it. Instead I’m sharing a couple of things that I’m currently lusting after (I’m skint/saving so no buying any of them I’m afraid!). Disclaimer – I haven’t used any…

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  • AD: Five uber romantic destinations that you should add to your couples bucket list


    AD // GIFTED: This post was written in collaboration with Eshores. I received no financial compensation for creating this post but they did send me a hamper full of goodies so I could have a #RomeanticNightIn. Eshores are a travel company based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester and they work with you to create the perfect holiday. For…

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  • Ten things making me super happy lately #5


    I’m kicking off this new week with a classic ‘ten happy things’ post as I’m really struggling to get photos for my posts at the moment – I am so bloody ready for some longer, lighter days! 1.0 The above print from Sooshichacha. I saw a promoted Instagram post from Sooshichacha offering a personalised print…

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  • Ten favourites from 2018


    The last few months of 2018 have been rough but we are almost at the end of it (thank God) so here are some positives/favourites from the last 12 months. 1.0 Knowing that whatever life throws at us, husband and I are pretty solid. The last couple of months have been a bit shaky due to things…

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