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    Life Lately: Checking in before I go on holiday


    Like I said in my last post, I haven’t been very motivated to post lately. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m over blogging (?!) or simply because I really need this holiday (Did I mention I’m going on holiday?) but yeah, at the moment the blog is at the bottom of the priority pile.…

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  • Life Lately: A happy chappy catch up


    Monday’s post was supposed to be a life lately, catch up style diary post but I sounded whiny and insufferable so I scrapped it…Hopefully this attempt is a bit more upbeat. First things first, my stress levels have plummeted considerably over the last couple of months. We’re finally free of the rented house we moved…

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  • Dear Diary: A bit of waffle about what’s been going on lately


    So as I explained in my last post, husband fell off a ladder and smashed his heel bone to smithereens. On Thursday it will have been three weeks since it happened and man oh man have they been a long three weeks. The first week he was in agony, the second week he had to…

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  • Life lately: A Q3 catch up


    Another life lately post – This time it’s my quarter three catch up! (I really need to get cracking with some proper posts that aren’t diary style don’t I?). Pictured above is my sister’s GORGEOUS cavachonpoo puppy – She isn’t quite ready to join the family just yet and the photo is totally unrelated to…

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  • Life lately: Yet another explanation about where I have been


    Annnd, I disappeared again – Sorry about that. Here’s a post catching you up on where I’ve been and what’s happening. It’s been two and a half weeks since I last posted. I had several drafts written and ready to go but due to several things happening in my personal life, it didn’t feel right posting them…

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  • Three things: In sickness and in health, pretty purchases and a good old movie recommendation


    Aaaand I’m bored of the weekly edit already. Oops! I guess I just can’t be bothered to commit to a weekly post at this moment in time. I felt like posting today though so here we are – Three things from this week that I fancied writing a paragraph or two about (FYI – This…

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  • Where I’m at, right now, at this moment in time.


    Hey guys, happy Monday! There’s a bit of a brain dump coming your way – You have been warned! Yep, that’s right, at the moment I am stressed. All of the house drama is starting to really wind me up and I just want to get things over with now. The estate agents haven’t been…

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  • Life lately: It’s for the greater good


    Just a quick one today lads. There’s a big life change afoot and I wanted to fill you guys in on it. (photo isn’t related to post, just thought it was cute, sorry) Yesterday I sent an email to our estate agents, giving them notice that we wanted to terminate our contract. Not gunna lie, I…

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  • Life Lately: A Q2 catch up


    Well bloody hell, it’s July – Meaning it’s time for a quarter two catch up! SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Getting not one, but TWO pay rises. In April I got a ‘you are off probation now yay!’ pay rise and after completing my six week short course in computerised accounts, I was VERY surprised to hear that…

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