• My (slightly late) spring summer goals


    After completely failing on my the goals I set at the beginning of the year, I decided to be a little bit less harsh on myself. Instead, I’ve set some smaller, seasonal goals that I hope to complete by the end of August. I would really like to have doubled my savings As they currently…

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  • Six things I want to achieve by the end of the year


    Good morning and happy Monday! I’ve woken up feeling pretty chipper (although the same can’t be said for my friend who text me at 6am after drinking tequila on a school night) and I’m looking forward to the week that lies ahead of me. I’ve got sunflower yellow nails, a fridge full of yummy food…

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  • Blogging goals for the year ahead


    We are 24 days into 2018 and I still haven’t gotten around to sharing my blog goals for the year ahead…Well today is the day my friends! Enjoy. Double my Instagram following As I write this I’m on 448 (give or take a few bots) and yep, by the end of 2018 I would like…

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  • My mini resolutions for 2018


    On Monday I shared my main goal for 2018 and today I wanted to share my mini resolutions with you. I guess you could say they are more ‘lifestyle changes’ than they are resolutions or goals. Does that kinda make sense? Go to the cinema more My relationship with my husband is pretty much built…

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  • My main goal for 2018


    I’ve actually written quite a few ‘goals for 2018’ posts but for some reason none of them felt right and they’ve all ended up in the trash pile. It’s not that I don’t want to set myself goals it’s just that none of them felt particularly genuine – It felt more like I was setting…

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  • And that was…October


    Celebrating my brother getting married! At the grand old age of 30 my brother married his beautiful wife Ros in a small ceremony followed by a sit down dinner at a gorgeous country pub. The food was bloody lovely, it was great to see various family members and as always, my niece and nephew were…

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