• Breakfast at Grass Roots cafe, Harrogate


    Once upon a time Jody and I would go out for breakfast every single Sunday, without fail. Unfortunately the older we get, the more outgoings we get so weekly breakfast has now become more a monthly affair to save on the pennies. This weekend however we decided to hashtag treat ourselves and headed to Grass…

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  • The Sunday catch up #53


    Happy Sunday everyone! I hope we are all feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead – Apparently we are in for a beauty of a week so sandals and sunglasses at the ready! As per usual I don’t want to ramble on too much – you guys know what the deal is with my…

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  • Life Lately: A Quarter One Catch Up


    Well that first quarter whizzed by didn’t it? Well sort of – January dragged on for what felt like forever but February and March were over in no time at all.  It’s been a pretty good quarter for me – Nothing super exciting happened but I’ve been feeling very happy and content since the beginning…

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  • Meet my nose piercing


    A short and sweet post to introduce you to my nose piercing. When I was 16 I got a nose piercing and two weeks later it wasn’t pierced anymore (I had to change the ring for a stud for a new job and when I dropped the stud on the floor I didn’t bother looking…

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  • What I Watched: March Edition


    March was a good month for watching new to me movies/tv shows (I watched 14 things!!) so I’m going to jump right in with my what I watched list cos otherwise this post will be ridiculously long… Before the Flood Before the Flood is a documentary presented by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Fisher Stevens. The…

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  • The Sunday catch up #51


    FYI this photo was taken last weekend – My current view DOES NOT look like this and it’s piss wet through outside. Good morning everyone and happy Easter! I’ve woken up in a cracking mood and am thus far enjoying my lovely bank holiday weekend. I haven’t really done much but I kinda needed a…

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  • Ten things making me super happy lately #2


    This post contains affiliate links. After having two weeks away from blogging I thought that for my first proper post (ie not a rambly diary style one) I would write something nice, light and positive so here are ten things making me happy lately. 1.0 The beginnings of spring. Apparently the beast from the East is…

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  • Life Lately: Hi, Bonjour, Hola


    Hi, It’s me, I have returned from my blogging break! Did you even notice I had gone?. Originally I had planned for this post to be my last before I went on an indefinite hiatus but after some thought I decided to give up on my three and a half year old baby would be silly…

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  • And that was….February


    I wasn’t going to write a monthly round up post this month (it’s been pretty boring and tbh, I think I need to rethink the format) but as I was the only person in work yesterday and the phone rang, oh I don’t know, TWICE ALL DAY, I may aswell run one up. I usually…

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  • The Sunday catch up #50


    Happy Sunday! This post is coming to you a little later than usual so sorry about that buuuut I couldn’t be arsed finishing it off this morning. So, on with the Sunday catch up. The Vero app So on Saturday night Twitter was buzzing with the news that there was a new social media app,…

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