• Happy New Year!


      Yep it’s that time again where everybody wakes up with a raging hangover promising to eat healthy, get fit, quit smoking, etc, etc, etc.   I finally completed my NY resolution from the last three years – To spend New Year in another country. We woke up to blazing 30 degrees heat and a…

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  • Reflecting on 2014


    Oh 2014, you have been a weird and wonderful year. And only 12 days of you left.   I went from being a in a job I hated to being asked back to the job I was made redundant from. I finished my NVQ level two in Hairdressing – Something I thought I would never…

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  • Why Australia?


    Why Australia? So after Christmas I’m headed to Perth,Western Australia and plan on having a decent chunk of time off just to enjoy the beach and adjust to the new lifestyle (and the heat!). I can’t wait to start my new life (even if it is only for a year) but why did we pick…

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