• King’s Park


    If there is anywhere in Perth you should check out, it’s Kings Park. With spectacular views of the city and a feeling of doing something good for your body (there’s a lot of uphill walking), it’s definitely a must do.   We spent the good part of a morning there and only left because we…

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  • 6 Travel Mishaps


    – When we were in Barcelona we were on a bus back to our hotel. We saw the hotel and determined the next stop would mean we would end up right outside – But oh no. It took us on the motorway and round the outer city resulting in an hour and half round trip…

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  • Murray Street Car Park


            The most colourful car park I have ever seen.  

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          Whitford Nodes Beach Park, Hillarys, WA   I could get used to this X

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  • 8 things I've learned about Australia.


      1. They weren’t kidding when they said it’s super amazingly achingly HOT. 2. The Australian’s drive like EVERYWHERE…Probably because of exhibit A: It’s too hot. 3. Even though the ozzie’s call flip-flops ‘Thongs’, you will feel like a complete bellend saying it. 4. A bottle-o is a drive in beer shop. Who knew? Pull…

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  • Caversham Willife Park.


    To kick off week two in Australia we decided it was the done thing to go and find some native Australian wildlife. As we are both a bit squeamish (and unfit) a bushwalk was out of the question so we followed out housemate’s advice and toddled off to Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park.  …

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  • Australia week #1


    A week today we left blighty and in the word’s of Alan Carr – ‘What a week it’s been.’ 40 degrees heat, blue skies and equally as blue seas. I’ve got a new pet, a new home and essentially a whole new life.   Yesterday we had our first PROPER day out. Just me and Jody,…

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  • Happy New Year!


      Yep it’s that time again where everybody wakes up with a raging hangover promising to eat healthy, get fit, quit smoking, etc, etc, etc.   I finally completed my NY resolution from the last three years – To spend New Year in another country. We woke up to blazing 30 degrees heat and a…

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  • Reflecting on 2014


    Oh 2014, you have been a weird and wonderful year. And only 12 days of you left.   I went from being a in a job I hated to being asked back to the job I was made redundant from. I finished my NVQ level two in Hairdressing – Something I thought I would never…

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  • Why Australia?


    Why Australia? So after Christmas I’m headed to Perth,Western Australia and plan on having a decent chunk of time off just to enjoy the beach and adjust to the new lifestyle (and the heat!). I can’t wait to start my new life (even if it is only for a year) but why did we pick…

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