• Thoughts on feminism and posing nude


    Once again P*ers M*rgan is upset that young, successful powerful women are posing nude as an act of empowerment. It’s not the first time and no doubt it won’t be the last, but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the matter. The photo in question is this one from Little Mix.…

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  • Life Lately: A BIG change of plan


    I didn’t plan on making these a regular thing but as it turns out I like nattering away with no set direction or point that I have to get to so hello and welcome to a second life lately post… Despite banging on about it for the last 12 months I’m no longer saving for…

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  • Life Lately: The dreaded sick bug attacks


    Oh hey there. I recently stopped creating weekly catch up posts because honestly, I was a bit bored of doing them. I was having to rack my brains to come up with things that I’d loved throughout the week and I was really struggling to find photographs to accompany my drivel. Plus they weren’t performing…

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  • Turning 25


      This is a pre-scheduled post as I’m in Amsterdam. Hopefully I did it right and this is going out when it’s supposed too. If not, oops. Today I turn 25. I’m now a quarter of a century old, closer to 30 than 20 and I no longer tick the 18-24 box on important forms…

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  • How Time Flies: Part One


      So today marks a year since I left Australia and started my journey home via Bali and Thailand – Can you believe that ‘cos I certainly can’t. Today I thought I’d get a little bit nostalgic about my time away and reflect on this time last year. Tune back in at the end of January…

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  • Why I quit Blogmas before it had even started


      So I was all set to do Blogmas.   I’d bored on about it on social media, I’d been planning posts since October and had a lot of them typed with photos all ready to go.   Then I decided on the 30th November that I didn’t wanna do it anymore.   I had an…

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  • Friday Thoughts.


    Man I am so happy it’s finally the weekend. I know it’s only been a four day week (thanks bank holiday) but I feel totally fried. There’s been quite a few people on holiday at work this week so aswell as doing my own job, I’ve been covering for a few other people. All the…

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  • Hello September


      It feels like yesterday that I landed back in the UK, jet lagged and exhausted but elated to be back on hometurf, excited to see my family and start again from scratch. I’ve actually been home for seven months and since landing at Heathrow time seems to have flown by. A lot of people have been commenting on how quickly 2016…

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