• The Sunday catch up #58


    Hey guys and happy Sunday! It’s just a short and sweet one from me today as… It’s our one year wedding anniversary today Yes that’s right, today marks one whole year since Jody and I got married in downtown Las Vegas. It’s weird – The year has flown by scarily fast yet it feels like…

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  • The Sunday catch up #57


    The Sunday catch up #57… My college course seems to be going a-okay so far I started a 6 week short course in computerised accounts last week and so far, so good! It’s really weird being back in an education setting, even if it is only for such a short time, and it’s made me…

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  • The Sunday catch up #56


    Bonjour and happy Sunday! And happy bank holiday! Hurrah! Can you tell by the excessive exclamation marks that I’m feeling pretty good? The sun is shining, I’ve been to the gym and I’m going to Primark this afternoon to spend some of my hard earned cash – Pretty good right? Kyle Falconer’s ‘Poor Me’ If…

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  • The Sunday catch up #55


    Happy Sunday and welcome to a very late edition of the Sunday catch up. I went out on Friday and I’m still recovering so I’m just gunna jump right into talking about the week that was. Feeling very proud of my husband Remember in last week’s Sunday post where I was a little bit cryptic…

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  • The Sunday catch up #54


    Hey guys and happy Sunday to you all. This week has been interesting. I’m not gunna go into it cos it’s not really my thing to share and tbh, I don’t think you’d find it interesting anyways but it’s gunna be a turbulent couple of months in my household and there’s a lot of stuff…

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  • The Sunday catch up #53


    Happy Sunday everyone! I hope we are all feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead – Apparently we are in for a beauty of a week so sandals and sunglasses at the ready! As per usual I don’t want to ramble on too much – you guys know what the deal is with my…

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  • The Sunday catch up #51


    FYI this photo was taken last weekend – My current view DOES NOT look like this and it’s piss wet through outside. Good morning everyone and happy Easter! I’ve woken up in a cracking mood and am thus far enjoying my lovely bank holiday weekend. I haven’t really done much but I kinda needed a…

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  • The Sunday catch up #50


    Happy Sunday! This post is coming to you a little later than usual so sorry about that buuuut I couldn’t be arsed finishing it off this morning. So, on with the Sunday catch up. The Vero app So on Saturday night Twitter was buzzing with the news that there was a new social media app,…

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  • The Sunday Catch Up #49


    It might be a bit fuzzy and badly lit but how cute is this photo of Jody and Bruce? They melt my icy cold heart. This week’s been spectacularly average – There’s not really anything major to report on if I’m being truthful but I’ve gotten back into the habit of creating these posts so I’m…

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  • The Sunday Catch Up #48


    Good Morning! Shall we get on with it? How bright and blue it was on Wednesday Tuesday was frikkin miserable – It didn’t stop snowing til about 2pm, it was arctic cold and yeah it was just shit – so to wake up to beautiful blue skies and sunshine on Wednesday was an absolute delight.…

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