• The weekly edit #3


    Hello and welcome to the third weekly edit – A post that comes to you every Friday, rounding up the week that was. Returning to work after my week off Most people dread returning to work after a week off but I was actually really looking forward to it – I guess I need routine and…

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  • The weekly edit #2


    Hello and welcome to the second weekly edit – A post that comes to you every Friday, rounding up the week that was. Well, I survived a week (ish) in Nofolk with my family. On Friday Jody and I packed up the car and drove four hours to Wroxham, a small village in Norfolk. We…

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  • Ten things you will probably relate to if you have tiny titties


    Up until very recently, my chest was pretty much non-existent. My sister – who is three years younger than me – would often flaunt her ample assets whilst I wondered when mine were going to sprout. Over the last couple of years they’ve finally come in (I think it’s because I eat a lot more than I…

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  • Three ways to feed your book addiction on the cheap


    Books – My first love. I remember powering through the adventures of Biff, Chip and Kipper and d-r-e-a-m-i-n-g of the days when I could read whatever book I wanted from the shelves of the school library (I had my eye on The Secret Diary of Anne Frank and it was the first ‘grown up’ book…

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  • What’s in my gym bag?


    I’ve been blogging for three and a half years but not once have I done a classic ‘what’s in my bag post’. Today it’s time to rectify that but instead of a normal bag style post I decided to show you what’s in my gym bag – Mainly because my everyday Dr Martens rucksack is…

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  • Life Lately: A Quarter One Catch Up


    Well that first quarter whizzed by didn’t it? Well sort of – January dragged on for what felt like forever but February and March were over in no time at all.  It’s been a pretty good quarter for me – Nothing super exciting happened but I’ve been feeling very happy and content since the beginning…

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  • What I Watched: March Edition


    March was a good month for watching new to me movies/tv shows (I watched 14 things!!) so I’m going to jump right in with my what I watched list cos otherwise this post will be ridiculously long… Before the Flood Before the Flood is a documentary presented by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Fisher Stevens. The…

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  • Ten things making me super happy lately #2


    This post contains affiliate links. After having two weeks away from blogging I thought that for my first proper post (ie not a rambly diary style one) I would write something nice, light and positive so here are ten things making me happy lately. 1.0 The beginnings of spring. Apparently the beast from the East is…

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  • The Sunday catch up #50


    Happy Sunday! This post is coming to you a little later than usual so sorry about that buuuut I couldn’t be arsed finishing it off this morning. So, on with the Sunday catch up. The Vero app So on Saturday night Twitter was buzzing with the news that there was a new social media app,…

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