• 27 things that happen when you move to Australia


    Moving to Australia is kind of a big deal and everyone will do it differently. But chances are a couple of things on this list have definitely happened to you! 1. You stop sniggering when someone says thongs (flip-flops). 2. You constantly find yourself in the British aisle of Woolies or IGA looking for a well…

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  • 19 reasons why being a girl sucks sometimes


    There’s loads of good things about being a girl, but first up let’s deal with the negative (Dad you might wanna look away now).* 1. Aunt Irma visiting.The red river flowing. Mother Nature. Regardless of how you put it, that time of the month sucks. All the food, all the spots and all the cramp.…

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  • 9 things that confuse me in Australia


      Don’t get me wrong, Australia is awesome – Quokkas, sunshine, beaches, koalas, Crust pizza, cool street art – but some of it just confuses my blonde brain. 1. The roads. The freeway’s are a bit confusing because the left lane tends to merge into the middle after a junction. Sometimes when there is an exit the…

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  • 9 questions all 20 something girls dread


    1. ‘Oh you’re single?’ OR ‘When are you getting married?’ How about keep your nose out bitch?   2. ‘When are you going to start having kids?’ When hell freezes over.   3. ‘How much money do you currently have in your bank account?’ Shhhhh it might hear you.   4. ‘Do you want to…

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  • 24 Christmassy Best Bits


    ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ Mummy bear’s 7ft monster of a Christmas tree! – All the Christmas tv specials that crop up.  – Choosing wrapping paper. Paperchase is my personal fave.  – Yorkshire Puddings. Nuff said. – And Pigs in Blankets *Drools* – The hope of snow. And the light drizzle of…

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