• 19 reasons why being a girl sucks sometimes


    There’s loads of good things about being a girl, but first up let’s deal with the negative (Dad you might wanna look away now).* 1. Aunt Irma visiting.The red river flowing. Mother Nature. Regardless of how you put it, that time of the month sucks. All the food, all the spots and all the cramp.…

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  • January Reads


    I LOVE reading. In 2014, I really let it slide and barely read anything. As I’ve had a month of lazying around on the beach/in the garden/on the sofa I’ve had plenty of time to start reading again. It’s all new books too because I left my extensive collection at home.       BOOK…

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  • An Australian Update: Month One


      Today marks the day that Jody and I officially moved down under! And for the first time since we’ve been here, we are in the middle of a HUGE storm and the most rain seen in a while.   In a month we have bought a car, applied for a zillion jobs and explored as…

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  • Australia spends…#2 (Photo Heavy)


    If you read my blog last week you will know I turned the ripe old age of 23. So in typical me fashion I used it as an excuse to go and spend some of my hard earned cash in Perth City Centre. Instead of boring you to death with some fancy, descriptive text, I’ll…

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  • 9 questions all 20 something girls dread


    1. ‘Oh you’re single?’ OR ‘When are you getting married?’ How about keep your nose out bitch?   2. ‘When are you going to start having kids?’ When hell freezes over.   3. ‘How much money do you currently have in your bank account?’ Shhhhh it might hear you.   4. ‘Do you want to…

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  • Advent Musings…


      December you sly son of a bitch.   Even though you roll round every year, you have once again shocked and terrified us all by coming around even faster than usual. Bang on schedule I’ve developed a snotty nose and sore throat and the weather has become bitterly cold.   In 26 days I…

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  • The Christmas Tag


      Who doesn’t love Christmas? Seriously?  It’s easily my favourite time of year, everyone is so happy and upbeat! As it’s the first of December I thought this tag would be a perfect way to get into the Crimbo spirit!   1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s? Quite literally the hardest question ever! I love, love,…

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  • 18 signs you’re getting older.


      1. Kids. People are having kids because they want them, What? 2. When someone cancels on you, you are secretly relieved because you can binge watch Breaking Bad.   3. You can go out for a couple of drinks and actually go home after a couple of drinks.   4. Watching The X Factor…

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  • The JL Christmas Advert Countdown


    When it comes to the annual Christmas adverts, for me there is only one winner – John Lewis. Every year they pull something new and fun – and cute- out of the bag and I look forward to it every year. With the John Lewis ad’s, there are two types of people: The ‘Awwww I…

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  • A Few of My Favourite Things Tag


    A few of my favourite things. 1. Products/things: Links of London Friendship bracelet, Alexander McQueen Scarf, Coconut Body Butter 2. Foods:  Garlic Bread, McCoys Crisps, Bourbon Biscuits 3. Places: My Mum and Dad’s house, The Natural History Museum, Orlando Florida. 4. Things you’d miss if you didn’t have them: My family, My dogs and my Engagement Ring 5.…

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