• Thoughts on coming home after a year of travel


    A small collection of thoughts I’ve had since coming home at the end of January, ranging from the minute I got home to the present day. * When I walked through the door my four crazy dogs came running up to me and they remembered me. After 13 months away. * Coming home to a…

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  • The Monday Catch Up #14


    11/05/2016 Happy Monday! Okay so I usually do a catch up post on a Sunday but I went out Saturday and was hungover/more tired than I’ve ever been in my life. After a few hours spent with my family I was pretty much a zombie so I went to bed at 5pm, woke up at…

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  • The Sunday Catch Up #13


    Happy Sunday! How cracking has this week’s weather been? It’s topped 20 degrees here which is pretty miraculous considering I live in the North. Casey (my boyfriend’s dog) has spent the day flopped on the floor chewing on ice, so I think she’ll be glad when it cools back down again. It might be a…

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  • Blog At The Beach with Ice Lolly


      Over the weekend I was invited to attend Ice Lolly’s Blog at the Beach event at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds which was VERY exciting as it was my first blogger event. Even better, Leeds is only a quick train journey away from where I live so I wasn’t having to trek miles to…

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  • The Sunday Catch Up #12


      Happy Sunday guys! How great does it feel knowing that we don’t have work tomorrow? (Sorry guys who work in retail – It will fly by!).  I love the abundance of bank holidays we get, they always seem to come around just as I’m starting to get fed up of work and start contemplating…

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  • The Sunday Catch Up #11


    Good Morning Sunshine! And what a lovely week it’s been! Yorkshire actually got some sunshine this week although sadly for me, I work in an office and I don’t even face a window. Yep, get the tissues out. I’m really hoping the sunshine sticks around for a bit now, but we all know that isn’t…

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  • On Staying Still.


    This time two years ago my application for an Australian working holiday visa was accepted. It was about half past ten at night, I was in by myself and I did some weird little jumpy up and down dance. I rang Jody to tell him OMG IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING then I couldn’t get to sleep…

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  • The Sunday Catch up #8


      Happy Easter you wonderful human beings! I hope everyone has a cracking day (lol) and eats so much chocolate they feel a little bit sick. As a 24 year old woman you would think I wouldn’t really receive many Easter eggs but I actually ended up with six. This blatently means I have to eat them…

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  • The Sunday Catch Up #7


      Okay so I’m already bored of my Sunday catch up format, oops. I don’t know, I spose some weeks are just more boring than others and I don’t do anything or I don’t listen to music or whatever. Happy 1st day of Spring! How nice is it going to be to get an extra hour of light…

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