• Introducing our new pad


    In Sunday’s ‘Lately I love’ post I may mentioned that we have moved into a swanky new apartment complex…and we are very happy about it. It’s going to do us nicely for the next couple of months so here’s a little peek into our new place.     So here is our room. Mirrored wardrobes,…

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  • On Missing Home


      Month five is fast approaching and it’s starting to really settle in that we are 9000 miles away from home, just the two of us. To be honest we are starting to miss home just a little bit.   We miss our local pub, our takeaway, our big cosy bed, all our DVD’s, proper chocolate, our…

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  • Australia: Month Four Recap


    Image from Tumblr. Man can you believe it’s been four months since I hopped on that 20 hour flight? Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here forever and then other days it feels like five minutes. So what’s gone on in Month Four? Well as explained in Wednesday’s post Jody and I have decided to…

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  • 140 William Street, Perth


      I’ve bored on about how much I love the city before and when we went there today to get some bits and bobs I just had to show Jody the street where I work, 140 William Street.   140 William Street is my favourite bit of the city, right next to the train station. I’m…

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  • Australia: Month three recap


    March 29th marked our third month in Australia and it’s terrifying me just how fast this year is going. It feels like we have been in Perth for a lot longer than three months though which is a bit weird! Month three started out a bit rubbish. Jody was working so I was in the house by myself, no car, savings…

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  • Time (and not having enough of it)


    First I’d like to apologise for not providing proper substantial blog posts – Come the weekend I will be back with a bang! So why the quiet blog? Why so few tweets? Well guys I started work last Friday – Yep I’ve got a temp role, granted it’s only for two weeks but fingers crossed…

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  • 19 reasons why being a girl sucks sometimes


    There’s loads of good things about being a girl, but first up let’s deal with the negative (Dad you might wanna look away now).* 1. Aunt Irma visiting.The red river flowing. Mother Nature. Regardless of how you put it, that time of the month sucks. All the food, all the spots and all the cramp.…

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  • January Reads


    I LOVE reading. In 2014, I really let it slide and barely read anything. As I’ve had a month of lazying around on the beach/in the garden/on the sofa I’ve had plenty of time to start reading again. It’s all new books too because I left my extensive collection at home.       BOOK…

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  • An Australian Update: Month One


      Today marks the day that Jody and I officially moved down under! And for the first time since we’ve been here, we are in the middle of a HUGE storm and the most rain seen in a while.   In a month we have bought a car, applied for a zillion jobs and explored as…

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  • Australia spends…#2 (Photo Heavy)


    If you read my blog last week you will know I turned the ripe old age of 23. So in typical me fashion I used it as an excuse to go and spend some of my hard earned cash in Perth City Centre. Instead of boring you to death with some fancy, descriptive text, I’ll…

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