• February bookshelf - photo of books

    My February Bookshelf


    Good morning and happy Friday! Welcome to the February edition of the bookshelf featuring the books I have devoured throughout the month in order to reach my Good Reads challenge total. Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon I bought this and Bryony’s debut ‘The Wrong Knickers’ at the same time but as I didn’t really like…

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  • Happy things - photo of cakes and cupcakes at the wedding fair

    Ten things making me super happy lately #6


    Happy Wednesday – I’m always a positive peach on a Wednesday as it means we are halfway through the working week and halfway to the weekend. To go with this good mood, today we have a happy things post – Enjoy! 1.0 Comfort honeysuckle and sandalwood fabric conditioner. Kicking things off with this rock and roll item. God I’m boring…

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  • Life Lately: A happy chappy catch up


    Monday’s post was supposed to be a life lately, catch up style diary post but I sounded whiny and insufferable so I scrapped it…Hopefully this attempt is a bit more upbeat. First things first, my stress levels have plummeted considerably over the last couple of months. We’re finally free of the rented house we moved…

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  • What I’m currently lusting after


    Today’s post was supposed to be a life lately one but I found that I was waffling on about a load of shit so I scrapped it. Instead I’m sharing a couple of things that I’m currently lusting after (I’m skint/saving so no buying any of them I’m afraid!). Disclaimer – I haven’t used any…

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  • Junkyard Golf, Leeds


    I live 35 miles away from Leeds and to say I live relatively close, I don’t spend nearly enough time there. Throughout my teenage years I practically lived in Leeds on a weekend and I still adore the city as much as I did then. I try and drag the husband there every couple of…

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  • Eleven comedies you should watch that run for 30 minutes or less


    As someone who dedicates a lot of her time to watching tv, it will come as no surprise to you that I have plenty of recommendations for you. Today I’m sharing my favourite comedies that run for 30 minutes or less but I also have a crime/drama one on the go aswell. Derry Girls Available…

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  • My January Bookshelf


    This year I decided to set myself a Good Reads challenge – I aim to read 40 books before the year is over. Last year I ended up reading around thirty, starting strong but failing terribly towards the end of the year. I’m much more determined to reach my goal this year! I Might Regret…

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  • mid week biscuit break graphic

    The mid-week biscuit break #7


    It’s been over a month since I created one of these posts and in that time I had a fortnight off work…So there are a lot of tv recommendations! Spencer, Vogue and baby too – E4 I have a confession to make – I really like Spencer Matthews and so does the husband. I stuck…

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  • Ten things making me super happy lately #5


    I’m kicking off this new week with a classic ‘ten happy things’ post as I’m really struggling to get photos for my posts at the moment – I am so bloody ready for some longer, lighter days! 1.0 The above print from Sooshichacha. I saw a promoted Instagram post from Sooshichacha offering a personalised print…

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  • What’s my 2019 looking like so far?


    What I have planned Turning twenty-seven I turn twenty seven on Wednesday and this will be my first birthday in four years that I’ve been home for it (Australia, Thailand, Amsterdam, Prague). I don’t have any major plans for it as it’s January (everyone including myself is skint) but I have the day off so the world is…

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