• What’s my 2019 looking like so far?


    What I have planned Turning twenty-seven I turn twenty seven on Wednesday and this will be my first birthday in four years that I’ve been home for it (Australia, Thailand, Amsterdam, Prague). I don’t have any major plans for it as it’s January (everyone including myself is skint) but I have the day off so the world is…

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  • My mini resolutions for 2018


    On Monday I shared my main goal for 2018 and today I wanted to share my mini resolutions with you. I guess you could say they are more ‘lifestyle changes’ than they are resolutions or goals. Does that kinda make sense? Go to the cinema more My relationship with my husband is pretty much built…

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  • And that was…August


    August seemed to go on forever didn’t it? I saw people tweeting that it felt like August the 33rd and I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. It was a pretty boring month with very little going on but there are still a couple of highlights that I wanted to tell you about. Watching: The Game of…

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  • My 2017 goals: A 6 month review


    For me, 2017 has been a year of growth. It was never my plan for it to be a year of growth but that’s how it’s turned out. I’ve moved into my own home, I’ve got married, I’ve travelled, I’ve been promoted at work and I’m starting a new course that will enable me to…

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  • My to do list for March


      And just like that, February is over! Here’s what I got up to last month and what I have planned for March. What did I do in February? Put a deposit down on a rented property. Reviewed the Super Lunch Menu at Jamies Italian. Saw The View in Glasgow. Revisited Edinburgh. Was invited to try Barrecore and loved it.…

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  • My End of Year Goals


    Can you believe how fast this year has gone? I know everyone keeps saying it but it’s true isn’t it? The shops are slowly starting to get all the Christmas stock in, people are asking for lists for Santa and all of a sudden it’s gotten really cold. With two months of 2016 left I…

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