• How to celebrate Swedish Midsummer*


    *When you’re in Australia! Midsummer is one of the biggest events in the Swedish calender – Apart from Christmas of course. Last weekend marked Midsummer there (And Mid-Winter here!) and three of our lovely Swedish buddies invited us to their home for an evening of food, shots and celebrating. You can see on the table…

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  • REVIEW: Breakfast at Hog’s Breath Cafe, Joondalup


    On Sunday (Before the heavens opened up and Perth was drenched) Jody and I made our way down to Hogs Breath Café in Joondalup (A five minute walk from our flat) in the hope of getting an awesome delicious breakfast…And we did. I guess Hogs Breath Café is kinda like an American Diner…Saloon doors, car…

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