Alright Blondie: about


So who is Alright Blondie?

Alright Blondie is ran by me, Jess, a 26 year old Yorkshire lass with a penchant for swearing, ice cold cans of Pepsi and cacti. I live in the third smallest city in England in a teeny tiny house with my not so tiny husband (Jody) and our Staffordshire bull terrier (Bruce – he is my pride and joy). I work full time as an office administrator for a construction company and blog when it’s quiet at work or on a weekend.

How did Alright Blondie come to life?

In 2014 I was gearing up for the trip of a lifetime – a year in Australia – and I wanted to document my travels for myself and for my family. I’d already started reading the odd travel blog here and there so I thought hey, why don’t I start my own? And so Alright Blondie was born. I returned home in 2015 and since then Alright Blondie has had to evolve cos you can’t run a travel blog when you aren’t really travelling can you? From there I started to write about everything going on in my life, from the good to the bad to the ugly.

What can you expect to find on Alright Blondie?

Anything and everything. This is a general lifestyle blog and the chances of me narrowing my categories down and finding a niche are slim to none. So if you want a perfectly honed, themed kinda blog then you are in the wrong place…But if you are nosy and want a messy, chaotic glimpse into someone elses life? Then pull up a pew. Love, money, careers, beauty, food, family, adventure…You name it, I’ve probably written about it.

Who is Alright Blondie for?

Alright Blondie is for everyone but mainly for the people who go to the gym but reward themselves by swinging by McDonalds for a double cheeseburger after. For those who would love to own their own home one day but also happen to have an ASOS addiction that they can’t quite shake. For those who love a cosy night in with family but also enjoy the occasional cider soaked evening in the pub with friends. People who care about politics and feminism and the privatisation of the NHS but also want to find the best place to eat a roast dinner in Yorkshire, are on hunt for the perfect mauve pink liquid lipstick and would quite happily spend their last tenner in Superdrug.

And I suppose that’s all you really need to know. If you have any questions  then feel free to email me or for an even quicker response, you can tweet me. If you’re a brand and want to work with me you will find the details here.