Ten things making me happy lately #8

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1.0 I went for a run – OUTSIDE! Okay, it was more of a brisk walk with some running chucked in and it was only 2kms (I have a dodgy ankle so wanted to test the waters before killing myself with a 5k) BUT I finally faced my fears of outdoor running and didn’t totally hate it. I looked like a beetroot for the rest of the night but it as worth it.

2.0 Firing through my to be read pile. Over the last week I’ve managed to read three books (I know, I dunno where I found the time either) – Becoming by queen Michelle Obama, No Way Out by Cara Hunter and The Flatshare by Beth O Leary. They were all excellent, excellent reads and I would highly recommend all of them.

3.0 Bath & Body Works ‘In The Stars’. When I was in Mexico I bought a whole heap of stuff from Bath & Body Works but my favourite things I bought had to be anything with the ‘In The Stars’ scent. Described as a ‘warm sparkling blend of starflower, sandalwood, musk, sugared tangelo, white agarwood and radiant amber’ it’s an absolute delight.

4.0 The Pinch of Nom cookbook. I bought this bad boy from Sainsburys a few weeks ago and I’ve made a few things out of it already and all of them have been delicious. I’m going to be sharing a full post on it with you all in a few weeks time (when I’ve made a couple more dishes) so keep your eyes peeled for that.

5.0 Benefit’s Hoola bronzer – both powder and liquid. I’ve had both of these for a while now and they’re the absolute bee’s knees. Even ten nights in Mexico didn’t leave me with a facial tan so these products are great for making my pasty face match up with my slightly bronzed body. I like to use the powder over my usual foundation and the liquid version on ‘no make up’ days so I look a little bit more alive.

6.0 Taking Bruce to puppy school. Our little staff is a little bit naughty on the lead so husband and I decided to take him to a dog trainer for some extra guidance. We had our first session over the bank holiday and it went really, really well. We have loads of games and exercises to practice with him for homework and I’m feeling positive about the direction the trainer wants to take Bruce (and us) in.

7.0 Music and cocktails with my favourite person. Last Friday J and I headed to York to see Kyle Falconer (frontman from The View) at Fibbers, York and went for a couple of cocktails beforehand. Slug & Lettuce was a good place to start thanks to it’s 2 for 1 cocktail deal then we went over to Evil Eye for one before the gig. Mine was actually pretty nice (It was called Pirate’s Passion) but J opted for one called ‘Shed Seven’ because he likes the band…And it turned out to be loaded with absinthe. Not quite so nice huh? It was nice to go out for a few drinks together (something we rarely do as I’m not that into it) and our little jaunt reminded me just how much I love York itself.

8.0 ME! by Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie. When it comes to music I’m pretty easy going – Basically, if I like it, I like it. Doesn’t matter what genre it is whether that be pop, rock, country or hip hop. I’ve seen people bashing Brendon Urie for featuring on a TS song and I really don’t get it, music snobs just boggle my brain honestly. It’s a happy, peppy, ridiculously catchy tune and bar the cringe ‘spelling is fun’ part, I quite like it.

9.0 Salmon for breakfast. I recently wrote about a local breakfast spot (read the post here) where I had salmon and eggs for my breakfast – And it’s totally changed the way I see breakfast. All of the salmon please sir.

10.0 The Met Gala. Every year I look forward to seeing the celebs in their finest at the Met Gala and this year was no different. Favourite looks came from Billy Porter (OBVIOUSLY), Florence Welch, Lucy Boynton, Dakota Johnson, Saoirse Ronan, Lupita Nyong’o, Cara Delevigne, Henry Goulding, Alexa Chung (she’s even shared how the dress was made on her Youtube which is a cool little watch) Lily Collins, Gemma Chan and Gaga’s OTT eyelashes…Shame Queen Blake Lively wasn’t there though, she kills it every time.

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