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In the almost 4.5 years I’ve been blogging I’ve not once sat down and gone through all of my old posts for fear of cringing to death. Well my friends, I’ve finally done it and some of them aren’t half bad – Here’s a selection of my favourites.

The importance of curating a life offline

I wrote this post after a weekend spent doing normal human stuff instead of absorbing blue light from various screens and the sentiment in it is still very much relevant to my life today. ‘It made me realise that the majority of us are so heavily involved in our lives online that we forget that we have a life to curate offline too’. I really needed to be reminded of this actually.

My farm work experience

To stay in Australia for a second year you need to complete 88 days of farm work and I truly detested every single minute of the two weeks I spent attempting to get my days. You see so many people writing about how well they got on doing farm work and I wanted to show the other side to it, and that it’s okay if you hate it that much you pass on a second year visa.

13 things you will only know if you were an emo teen in Leeds

When I think back to my teenage years those thoughts are dominated by afternoons spent loitering around Leeds with my heavy eyeliner, skinny jeans and massive fringe. I wrote this post for a bit of a laugh and I still like it to this day.

Are millennials (those aged in the 18-35 range) useless?

My favourite posts to write are the ones where I’ve been fired up by something I’ve read or seen om the telly (usually GMB). This part in particular has always stuck with me: ‘Because we are the generation that can. We can make a change. We can use our voices. We can use our social media platforms to talk about things we care about. We can google anything and be more educated in seconds. We can turn our little internet side hustle into our full time job if we are that way inclined. We can travel anywhere and everywhere and have our opens wide to the way others live.  We can cut down on our plastic consumption, eat less meat and encourage others to be more mindful of their actions. So yeah, we might be obsessed with Instagram and flat whites and splashes of pink but that doesn’t mean we are useless.’

Home – The travel link up July

I wrote this six months after I’d returned from Australia and it still gives me the warm fuzzies when I read it back. It’s a short post but it means a lot.

Let’s talk about the sugar tax, #AdEnough and the proposed ban on BOGOF offers

Another angry reactionary post where I talk about food privilege and the class system currently at play in the UK. Heavily inspired by Ruby Tandoh (I adore her writing) and the introduction of the sugar tax, I really believed in what I was saying and tbh I still believe those words now.

A sort of thank you letter to my husband

I don’t know if the bellend has even read this post that I wrote in honor of his 29th birthday but meh, I like it. In it I talk about how fear has always held me back but over the years I’ve known him, my husband has pushed me well out of my comfort zone numerous times.

We are all Jenny Beavan

This post came to life three (!!) years ago now, when Jenny Beavan, a costume designer, got some god awful looks from some snotty arseholes at the Oscars. It’s another one I wrote in the moment – I really need to get back to doing that instead of meticulously pre-planning all of my content.

Food glorious food

Another one inspired by Ruby Tandoh – this time by her book ‘Eat Up. In this post I share some of my favourite foodie moments, the ones that bring me unparalleled joy.

Thoughts on feminism and posing nude

Yet again, P*ers M*rgan managed to wind me up over my Weetabix, this time slagging off the Little Mix girls for posing nude (something I have no problem with aslong as it’s consensual). I definitely write better when I’m annoyed – Maybe something to consider for the future?

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