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Hell, I’m back with another holiday post, this time I’m talking about a small island close to Playa Del Carmen – Cozumel!

After a few days lounging around the hotel, the husband and I started to get itchy feet – We just aren’t built for the lizard life and need to be out and about doing things.

We ended up booking a snorkel tour on Cozumel, an island that’s half an hour’s ferry ride away from the Playa Del Carmen pier.

I’m gunna be honest, the tour was pretty disappointing. The tour was supposed to be a two snorkel tour but we only did one and it was so choppy a lot of us had to get out. Bit of a shame as I love a good snorkel but once we moved on from the snorkel site the sun came out and the day was salvaged.

We ended up going to a sand bank where we were treated to crystal clear waters, super soft sand under our feet and some ridiculously strong cocktails.

Once we had had our fill of the sand bank, it was over to Playa Mia grand beach park for a few hours – slides, inflatable assault courses, kayaks and more.

When the tour was complete, J and I decided to stay on Cozumel for a few hours, taking in the candy coloured houses and enjoying the more chilled out vibe of it’s streets compared to PDC. We then headed to the other side of the island to the Hard Rock Cafe (one of our traditions when we go anywhere) and shared a jumbo platter of chicken and potato skins followed by a chocolate fudge sundae.

Cozumel was a welcome break after the hectic pace of Playa Del Carmen and (little tip) a lot of things were cheaper -Taxi’s, souvenirs, mango daiquiris…It was alright.

Below are a couple of photos from our day at Cozumel and if you are looking for a peaceful day out, I’d highly recommend it (although check the forecast if you plan on snorkeling as a choppy ocean is a scary ocean!).

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