My (slightly late) spring summer goals

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After completely failing on my the goals I set at the beginning of the year, I decided to be a little bit less harsh on myself. Instead, I’ve set some smaller, seasonal goals that I hope to complete by the end of August.

I would really like to have doubled my savings

As they currently stand, my savings account is looking pretty healthy but in the words of Oliver Twist, I want some more. With some careful budgeting I’m hoping to double the amount in there by the end of summer, then add the same again in the final quarter of the year. Better start being money savvy eh?

Streamline my wardrobe so it doesn’t look like a Primark sale rail (and the rest of my room whilst I’m at it)

Living with my mum and dad is an absolute breeze but storing all of the crap I’ve accumulated it my almost ten years of independence is not. I’ve got a rail, a treadmill (?!), drawers, bags for life and plastic boxes CRAMMED with stuff, despite me having a clearout every few weeks. I think I’m going to have to set a weekend aside to completely obliterate the crap I have, being super strict with myself and binning everything I definitely will not be needing in the future.

Reduce my screen time as much as possible

I don’t actually have my screen time turned on on my phone (the shame really gets to me and makes me pick my phone up more somehow?!) but I know that I use my phone way more than I should do, especially for someone who sits in from of a screen for 35 hours a week for work purposes. As the weather warms up I’m hoping that the husband, the dog and I are lured outside more and more, breaking the connection I have with my phone in order to be more present and appreciate the outdoors more. I’m thinking lots of little (Cheap!) adventures within Yorkshire?!

Do you have any goals in mind for the warmer months?

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