Life Lately: Checking in before I go on holiday

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Like I said in my last post, I haven’t been very motivated to post lately. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m over blogging (?!) or simply because I really need this holiday (Did I mention I’m going on holiday?) but yeah, at the moment the blog is at the bottom of the priority pile. HOWEVER – I wanted to check in before I go on holiday!

One. The husband and I have decided to step things up a notch when it comes to buying a house – I know, what kind of dickheads start house-hunting etc before they go on holiday? Anyway, we’ve been to look at a house just to get an idea of what we want and don’t want and we’ve given all of our information to some financial advisors/mortgage brokers (I’m not totally 100% on what exactly it is that they do) so they can steer us in the right direction. I still think owning an actual property is a long way off but it’s a step in the right direction.

Two. I just can’t with British politics and Brexit right now. I’m so, so, so glad I’m fleeing to another country for ten nights so I don’t have to listen to any of it for a while. I cannot abide the bloody tories and the way they voted the deal down twice, then decided it was alright when a pretty tasty job opening came up SICKENS me. Meanwhile the country is in a complete and utter shambles – Schools are struggling, the NHS is underfunded, crime is creeping up and up, homeless numbers are on the rise, people are having to stockpile essential medication…It’s fucking ridiculous, the government are so out of touch with the public it’s unreal and yeah, my blood pressure is rising as I type this so I better stop.

Three. To celebrate the start of our two weeks of work, the husband and I heading to our local Curzon cinema to watch Dumbo. It was more my choice than his as he would have preferred Us but it’s a big fat nope from me cos I’m a scaredy cat. I’ve seen mixed reviews of Dumbo but I love the original and I luuuuurve Colin Farrell so we shall see.

Four. Just a reminder that if you are due a cervical screening, or have anything weird going on down there – Go get it checked out. I’ve been bleeding on and off when I shouldn’t have been recently and had to go to the hospital for some further checks. Thankfully it’s turned out to be nothing serious and the issue is easily rectified but it made me so grateful for the national health service and has reinforced my belief that everyone with a cervix should go for their examination. I know it’s not pleasant for everyone but it really is necessary in the long run. I might do a longer post on my experience when I get back from Mexico, we shall see.

Five. I’ve jumped on the rainbow nail bandwagon! After seeing Megan Ellaby and Hannah Gale sporting the rainbow look, I decided that a look I haven’t sported since high school would be perfect for my holiday nails. I’ve been trying to save money so I haven’t had my nails done in forever but I think that’s gunna have to change as I love having them done professionally, it looks so much better.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and I will catch up with you when I’m back I guess!

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