And in the blink of an eye, I’m back

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And just like that, I’m back from Mexico.

Rather than dive in head first with a slew of holiday posts, I thought I would ease myself in with a little hello, bonjour, hola kinda post. A catch up if you will.

First of all – I had a great time on holiday but for the first time in my life I was ready to come home when I did. I was ready to come home and start seriously saving so that the husband and I can *fingers crossed* be in our own home by Christmas. So we can get on with the next chapter of our lives after a tumultuous couple of months.

I’ve somehow managed to avoid jet lag (I usually suffer pretty badly) by carefully planning my sleep pattern before I even left Mexico and as I write this (it’s 8pm Sunday night) I’m actually feeling pretty good. A slight case of the Monday heebie jeebies but after two weeks off, I think that’s to be expected.

Since arriving back at home I’ve watched the last two episodes of Glow Up (no idea how Nikki stayed over Tiffany, I mean wtf) and started The Victim (ooh v good), eaten a brilliant ham & cheese omelette and got a great welcome home from my niece and my dog. My room is tidy, my work bag is packed and my alarm is set – Not for work though, so I can watch Game of Thrones the minute I wake up.

*EDIT: Holy forking shirtballs, GOT GOT GOT!!*

I’m feeling refreshed and recharged and I’m ready for what the rest of 2019 has to throw at me.

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