The Mid-Week Biscuit Break #10

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Hello and welcome to the TENTH (!!) mid-week biscuit break. Today I have an abundance of documentaries for you aswell as the usual podcast and article round up. Image from Raw Pixel via Pexels.

Abused By My Girlfriend

Alex Skeel was abused for years by his girlfriend and the mother of his two children. She cut him off from his friends and family, made him leave his job and attend uni with her as she didn’t trust him and would regularly hit, burn, stab and slash him. When police were called for a domestic disturbance, they were shocked by what they found and the A&E doctor Alex saw said he was ten days away from death. Alex is now sharing his story to highlight how domestic abuse can affect anyone of any gender and encourage people to come forward. A hard watch but necessary.

Beyonce & Jay Z’s Brit award acceptance video

By the time this post goes live this will be two weeks old but The Carters acceptance video was something else. Orange and blue green suits, a supposed dig at the Grammys AND a portrait of Meghan Markle as a monarch? Killin’ it.

Jamie Genevieve: Unfiltered

A BBC documentary on beauty vlogger, Jame Genevieve. It aired in Scotland on TV I think but you can catch it on BBC Iplayer like I did. It’s a good look at the life of an influencer but I would have liked a bit more openness around what she actually earns – Each to their own though I guess, not everyone wants to share.

Three Identical Strangers

A young man goes to college and gets called the wrong name by numerous people. He then finds out he has a twin and that they were split up at birth…The press go crazy and then the story really explodes – because there is another brother. This is an incredible, heart-breaking watch and I would really recommend that you watch it.

100 Vaginas

This channel 4 documentary won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but it touched on some V important topics such as periods, sexual assault, cervical cancer and FGM.

Ctrl, Alt, Del #182: Sara Tasker on building a six figure business at home

Sara Tasker is behind the hugely successful Instagram account Me & Orla, the podcasts ‘Hashtag Authentic’ and ‘Letters from a Hopefuly Creative’ and now, a book going by the same name as her podcast. She talks to Emma about how she built up her six figure business whilst dealing with her chronic illness and being a first time Mum.

Fit & Fearless ‘The Ugly Face of Beauty’

A chat with Grace Victory – She talks about body positive, being plus size, her eating disorder, her trauma, therapy, her spirituality and more. I really like Grace, she comes across so well on whatever platform she is on.

Armie Hammer interview: ‘Straight white maleness is threatening to everyone who is not a straight white man’ – Alexandra Pollard for The Independent
Miley Everlasting – Zach Baron for Vanity Fair
The Divisive Legacy of Karl Lagerfeld – Bee Waits For No One
Living As An African American Woman in The UK – Ghenet Actually
“How becoming the breadwinner changed my relationship with my husband” – Sara Tasker, Stylist

‘Have a good cry’: Chuckle Brother takes aim at the grief taboo – Robert Booth for The Guardian
Rob Delaney Still Wants to Make You Laugh – Gabriella Paiella for The New York Magazine
Only a few more days to go til the weekend!

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