Ten things making me super happy lately #7

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Well hello there – Long time no blog huh? I’ve had a lot going on lately so haven’t really felt like or had any time to do any blogging. I did fancy posting something though so here’s a good old fashioned happy list.

*Heads up – This post contains a few affiliate links (bullet point 6)*

1.0 As mentioned above, I go on holiday a week today! Yep that’s right, husband and I fly to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in a week. After a crazy couple of months we are both super excited and I have never so unmotivated for a working week in my life. Bring on the sun, the snorkelling and the all inclusive bar.

2.0 Old El Paso meal kits. Aww man, if I could pick any food brand in the world to work with it would have to be Old El Paso as there meal kits are the tits. When you are a lazy cook like me they are perfect and they also make great meal prep/make ahead lunches for the working week. My faves are the mild soft shell taco mince kits and the bbq chicken fajita sets. So, so good.

3.0 After Life. Ricky Gervais’ latest sitcom (available on Netflix) is an absolute corker – I personally believe it’s his best work yet. It has a lot of heart and manages to be utterly devastating and totally uplifting at the same time. Not one character, scene or line is wasted and I have a feeling I’ll be watching it again very soon.

4.0 Daffodils. The village where I live has an abundance of daffodils on display and I love seeing them, especially when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. There’s also nothing like a cheap bunch of daffs stuck in a vase to brighten up a room is there?

5.0 Purchasing some of Primark’s finest. I’m trying not to buy as many clothes as I used too but on my recent trips to Primark there were a couple of pieces I couldn’t resist – A checked blazer and trousers (£28 for both) and this lush longline checked coat that was an absolute steal at £10 in the sale (I was supposed to be holiday shopping, oops). As I get older, my style is evolving and these are really good indicators of what my current style is I guess. I think I’m going for a grown up Lol from This Is England kinda thing?

6.0 The Body Shop’s new cactus blossom range. One can never resist a new Body Shop collection and as they had an offer on AND I had a voucher, who can blame me? As a succulent connoisseur, the cactus blossom range sounded right up my street so I went for the body butter, the hand wash and the shower gel. It’s really hard to describe the scent but it smells super fresh and earthy, perfect for the spring and summer.

7.0 Bodega Brazilian Steakhouse. On Sunday we decided to pass on a traditional Sunday roast and headed to Bodega in Harrogate for some all you can eat steak. If you go at lunchtime you pay £14.95 for unlimited meat and sides. Obviously I was pogged pretty quickly (consuming loads of yummy herby potatoes before the meat came out wasn’t a good idea) but it all tasted divine. We’ve been before and we will most certainly be going again.

8.0 A hair change. Okay, so this one hasn’t happened yet but at the weekend I’m getting my hair sorted for my holiday – I’m going slightly softer with the colour (I love being bleach blonde but the root situation drives me wild) and I need it shaping as it’s just a bit blergh at the moment. Still in two minds over whether to fringe or not to fringe though? Regardless, I’m really excited to get rid of the badger stripe that I have at the moment.

9.0 The first BBQ of the season. Now I’m not big on barbecue’s but pretty much everyone else I know is so I’m always getting dragged to them. I went to my first one last night and whilst I didn’t have much to eat, it was nice actually doing something after work for once AND baby Brucey got to have a play date with our friends dog.

10.0 Kit Kats. I’m just really into Kit-Kats at the moment *shrugs*.

And that’s that! Have a lovely week and I will try and check in again before I go on holiday.

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