What does my pre-holiday prep look like?

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We fly to Playa Del Carmen on Tuesday and despite having three full days to get things sorted, holiday prep is already underway. Here’s how I’m getting on…

Lists. Lists everywhere.

At the moment I’m using the list making website/app Trello to compile my holiday lists as it’s so, so handy but I’ve also got a good old fashioned written one just incase. It’s really handy having a packing list ready and raring to go before the packing actually starts as it really cuts down on the amount of rubbish that you take. If it ain’t on the list, it ain’t getting in.

Checking the weather forecast a million times

When I first looked at the weather forecast for PDC (a week before we were due to fly), rain and thunderstorms were scheduled, leading me to fly into a panic. Thankfully they’ve cleared up but I don’t think I will ever learn my lesson when it comes to checking the forecast too far in advance as I’ve done it for every trip I’ve ever been on.

Hitting Primark in an attempt to find Summer clothes and coming out with a coat and a suit

Yep that’s right, I went into Primark with cute dresses and denim shorts in mind and came out with a wool coat and a two piece suit…Dammit. They look pretty cute though and I’ve got plenty of spring/summer-ish stuff in my wardrobe to get by.

Getting my hair and nails done so I don’t look like a total swamp monster

I haven’t had my roots done since Christmas so safe to say I’m really looking forward to my hair appointment. I’ll be getting it done over the weekend and rather than my bleach roots, I’m going a bit softer so it’s less annoying to grow out. I’ve also got a nail appointment tonight where I plan on jumping on the bandwagon and getting rainbow nails. I haven’t had my nails done since January so I’m looking forward to them being all pretty instead of the gnawed messes they are right now.

Shaving every inch of my body from the eyebrows down

I’m about a week overdue when it comes to shaving but what’s the point in doing it when I’ll only want to do it again before I go away? Now, before anyone starts – There’s nothing wrong with a bit of hair but I personally prefer not to have any. Each to their own right?

Packing and unpacking my suitcase at least three times to make sure I have everything

In the week or so before my trip I will pack and unpack my suitcase at least three times. As a serial over-thinker and worrier I like to be prepared for all situations and also enjoy having a variety of outfits to choose from. This results in a very annoyed husband as I announce ‘I’ll just check I’ve got it all one more time…’.

Sames goes for hand luggage

I’ve not once gone over the 7kg hand luggage allowance but I’m still convinced that I’m carrying a rucksack full of rocks whenever I go anywhere. At the moment I’m carrying a purse, a book, some headphones, sheet masks (gotta get that mid-flight hydration in), hand sanitizer & cream and some moisturiser but I’m still convinced they’re going to tell me I have to leave my important possessions behind because I couldn’t weigh my bag properly.

Checking the whereabouts of the tickets, the money and the passports approximately 83,000 times

Much like with the luggage and the weather, I’m a worrier. And for a worrier, I misplace the important things A LOT only to find them in my jeans back pocket or the bottom of my bag after a frantic minute of panicking. So obviously, checking I have anything important every thirty seconds is essential.

How do you prepare for a holiday or a city break?

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