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Today’s post was supposed to be a life lately one but I found that I was waffling on about a load of shit so I scrapped it. Instead I’m sharing a couple of things that I’m currently lusting after (I’m skint/saving so no buying any of them I’m afraid!).

Disclaimer – I haven’t used any affiliate links in this post.

This yellow bed from Made. I have a crystal clear of it in my (imaginary) house – A navy blue bedroom, loads of plants and this as the main attraction. It’s expensive but I’ve had numerous cheap beds in the past that have only lasted a few months so surely paying a bit more = better quality?

A powder blue or blush pink suit. A suit has been on my fashion wishlist for ages now but every time I find one I like, one half of it is sold out in my size. I have a wedding in September (I know, miles away yet) and I’d love to wear one to it.

Some yellow Converse hi-tops. Again with the yellow, it’s obviously a bit of an obsession at the moment isn’t it? My colouring doesn’t really suit yellow clothing so I will have to make do with mustard and lemon accessories and homeware instead.

A road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Where I want to travel to next changes almost daily (also keen on Copenhagen and Rejkjavik!) but one constant seems to be LA to San Fran. I’m hoping that if I really knuckle down and save I can buy a house AND do my dream road trip but I don’t think I’m that good of a saver in all honesty.

Is there anything you’re lusting after at the moment? Something that you really want but it isn’t particularly necessary or something that you can afford?

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