The mid-week biscuit break #8

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Hello and welcome to the eighth mid-week biscuit break! I’m much preferring putting these together fortnightly – It’s a meatier post and I’m finding it much easier to keep up with! (Image from Pixabay/Pexels)

Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson’s latest offering features my favouritest thing in the whole wide world – DOGS. It has it’s flaws but there is no denying that the animation and the styling is out of this world. I adored any scenes with the dogs and the voice cast is brilliant


I didn’t fancy Venom when it was released but my Mum bought it on Sky Store so I thought I may aswell watch it. It takes half an hour to get going but it’s pretty funny once all the action starts. It’s a lot shorter than superhero movies tend to be these days aswell which is a big plus. Oh, and Tom Hardy’s in it and he’s pretty fit.

A Quiet Place

I’m not really into horrors/thrillers but this one’s a belter – Kudos to John Krasinski AKA Jim from the US Office. It’s tense, a little bit jumpy but it’s actually got a lot of heart to it.

Love, Simon

I wasn’t sure about Love, Simon but I’d heard really good things about it so when I saw it was on Sky Premiere I decided to give it a go. It’s funny, heart-warming and keeps you guessing as to who ‘Blue’s’ identity is.

Weezer – The Teal Album

Last week Weezer dropped a surprise album full of covers and it’s pretty magnificent with iconic tracks such as TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ and Toto’s ‘Africa’. It’s great.

PLT Behind Closed Doors with Megan Barton Hanson

Whether you love or hate Loved Island 2018 finalist Megan, this interview with her is great. She talks about her ex-career as a stripper in such a candid way and I would LOVE to a book from her all about her time working as one. She comes across really well (although I dunno WTF is going on with her, Wes and the hamster at the moment?! Surely it’s a spoof?).

Love Stories with Dolly Alderton: Jessie Cave

Jessie Cave talks about sexual abuse, motherhood, her show ‘Sunrise’ and her on/off relationship with comedian Alfie Brown to journalist Dolly Alderton. If you have followed her career you will know she talks openly and honestly about all areas of her life and this podcast interview is no different.

What fashion blogging for ten years is really like – I Want You To Know
Ted Bundy’s Living Victim Tells Her Story – Tori Telfer for The Rolling Stone
Baking The World A Better Place – Kendall Tucker for Forbes
Forget oysters: the true food of love is pasta and potatoes – Lauren Bravo for Foodism.
Happy Wednesday!


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