Ten things making me super happy lately #6

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Happy Wednesday – I’m always a positive peach on a Wednesday as it means we are halfway through the working week and halfway to the weekend. To go with this good mood, today we have a happy things post – Enjoy!

1.0 Comfort honeysuckle and sandalwood fabric conditioner. Kicking things off with this rock and roll item. God I’m boring now. Anyway, this stuff smells bloody divine and is my go to conditioner. Delightful.

2.0 The smell of old perfume that lingers on scarves. Innit nice when you wrap a scarf around you and you get a waft of leftover perfume? Delightful.

3.0 Catfish and the Bottlemen ‘The Balance’. Currently there are only two songs available on Apple Music (the album isn’t out in full until April) but they are both bloody brilliant. I like Catfish but I’m not a die hard fan – I think this album might change things though.

4.0 Cully and Sully smoked haddock and salmon chowder. I picked this up in Tesco as I remembered a load of bloggers advertising this ages ago and it was the first time I’d seen it in the wild. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but with a cheesy topped roll smothered in butter it was absolutely bloody divine. I need to stock up on more immediately.

5.0 Milka chocolate. My local Morrisons have stopped stocking it but I found giant bars of it in Home Bargains <3

6.0 Doodling on my Instagram photos. Recently I downloaded the ‘A Design Kit’ app for my phone which has led to some fun doodles popping up on my Instagram images. I’m having a lot of fun with it and I’m really happy with the way my feed is looking lately.

7.0 The local wedding fair. I wasn’t really looking forward to going to this wedding fair with my friend (the bride) but in the end we had a giggle, tried some cake (pictured), cuddled a bunny and went for lunch after…Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

8.0 Beauty Bay EYN Brights Palette. This palette is an absolute thing of beauty with a smorgasboard of exciting colours to choose from – So much so I haven’t used anything else from my extensive palette collection since this arrived. If you are thinking about getting it but you aren’t sure, just do it, it’s brilliant. 42 eyeshadows for £23 is an absolute steal.

9.0 Sophie Cliff’s mini book, ‘Rediscovering Your Spark’. I’ve been feeling a bit flat lately and after working through Sophie Cliff’s latest free resource, I’ve figured out why. If you need a bit of a nudge go have a nosy and see what you take away from doing the exercises within it.

10.0 Lunch with my Nannie. My Nannie is about to move into a new flat so yesterday I went round for a peek – And I LOVED it. Perfect size, river view, sun trap balcony..The dream. I had a meatball and cheese panini whilst I sat in a stream of sunshine and spent an hour with one of my favourite people instead of sweating at the gym or behind my desk looking at a screen.

What’s making you happy lately?


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