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Monday’s post was supposed to be a life lately, catch up style diary post but I sounded whiny and insufferable so I scrapped it…Hopefully this attempt is a bit more upbeat.

First things first, my stress levels have plummeted considerably over the last couple of months. We’re finally free of the rented house we moved out of in September, the husband is back at work and driving after breaking his heel and I’ve got some new strategies in place for managing my money (more on that next week).

I’m feeling a million times better than I was at the beginning of the year and seeing the first signs of spring are definitely helping – Lighter mornings, longer nights, crocuses emerging, daffodils in the shops, the temperature getting into double figures…I’m a big fan.

My diary is also getting nice and juicy for the upcoming months. After loudly announcing my intention to retire from festivals, the Kendal Calling 2019 line up was too much to resist and husband and I have got tickets. We also have tickets for Russell Kane in April, Kyle Falconer in May and husband’s brother has arranged tickets for The Sherlocks, The Vaccines and Kaiser Chiefs at Elland Road in June…I’m pretty excited, not gunna lie.

It’s also only SIX weeks before we fly to Mexico! I know I’m trying to steer us away from the negative stuff but after the last six months I am so ready for ten days in the sun, swimming in the ocean and drinking cocktails. I was all set to milk the holiday to death with a million different excursions but after everything that has happened lately, I’m looking forward to a slower paced holiday where we properly r-e-l-a-x.

So yeah, after a turbulent period it seems like things are finally on the up!

A few other small things I want to share before I go:

  • I’ve started watching Escape to the Chateau on All4 box sets and I am OBSESSED. If you dunno what it’s about, a couple buy a dilapidated French chateau for £280K and the series follows them as they renovate it and bring it into this century. Man I wish I was as talented as Dick and Angel, they’re knowledge and creativity knows no bounds.
  • In an attempt to sort my skin out I used a T Zone bamboo and charcoal peel off mask and holy shit, it was a pain in the arse to get off. And it stung for like half an hour afterwards. Not a fan but I think I might have applied it too thinly. I’ll probably try it one more time.
  • When it comes to fashion and my personal style, I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment. I’ve spent winter in black jeans and thick jumpers and now the weather is improving, I don’t really know where I stand style-wise. I’m currently dreaming of pastel coloured cigarette trousers, short dresses in bright colours and striped breton style tees but unfortunately my bank balance isn’t quite as game.
Aaaand that’s me signing out for the weekend – Have a wonderful one, whatever it is you are doing.

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