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I live 35 miles away from Leeds and to say I live relatively close, I don’t spend nearly enough time there. Throughout my teenage years I practically lived in Leeds on a weekend and I still adore the city as much as I did then. I try and drag the husband there every couple of months and this time around I enticed him there with the promised of a game of crazy golf at Junkyard Golf.

Despite both of us holding our driving licenses, we always get the train to Leeds. Dunno why, I suppose it’s just easier than finding parking? We always pass the Hotel Chocolat cafe/store on Boar Lane when we walk from the train to centre and this time around the temptation was too much and we went in for a quick hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate was pretty bloody delicious but for £3.50 it was pretty small – It was the perfect temperature for drinking though so I can’t really complain (although husband disliked the lack of handles on the mug). The cocoa whip was also a bit disappointing as it was super thick and sickly. It was okay but would I go back? Probably not.

Once we had had our drinks we had a mooch up towards The Light complex where Junkyard Golf is housed. Obviously I HAD to have a look in Oliver Bonas but I surprised myself (and the husband) by avoiding all the major high street fashion brands. I’m trying really, really hard to save for a mortgage deposit and as much as I love the current trends, I do not need any more clothes.

After resisiting the lure of the shops we went to Junkyard Golf (where I got ID’s because they don’t admit under 18’s – Thank you very much Mr.Bouncer).

Our time slot was at 1.10pm and we were a bit early so we got some drinks at the bar. It’s a shame I’d left my car at the train station really cos the cocktail selection was pretty good BUT this also meant I was queuing for two lemonades for ten minutes whilst the group in front of me was served.

Walking into Junkyard was a surreal experience – It was more like walking into a rave at a club than a mini golf attraction. As you can see from the photos it was really dark, there were loads of neon/UV lights and the music was L-O-U-D (Man when did I get so old?).

We opted to play the jungle themed course Pablo (£9.50 for 9 holes) and I loved the creativity that had gone into designing the course. There were Mexican wrestler bears, leopards wearing headphones, a mini Chichen Itza…It was really cool.

In the end it only took us twenty minutes to get around the nine hole course which was a *little* bit disappointing. We’ve been to quite a few mini golf places so maybe we are just better than we thought?

Despite this we are are still pretty set on going back and checking out the other two courses: Gary, a scrapyard themed course, and Bozo, a fairground themed course.

Even though it only took up a small part of our day we had a really good time at Junkyard and it was nice to do something that wasn’t lying around spending hours flicking through the Netflix home page.

Even though we are saving we made a pact that we would do more fun (cheap) things together, especially as we are living with our parents now. When we were younger we used to go all over the place but since returning from Australia it seems to have stopped and we want to bring it back.

So if you have any recommendations of fun things to do in the Yorkshire area (we are willing to travel), let me know!


  • Claire @ Coffee with Claire

    15/02/2019 at 10:07 am

    Mmm… that hot chocolate looks amazing! Summer is coming to an end in Australia so I’ve been craving warmer drinks than usual and hot chocolate seems to be calling my name, haha. I went mini golfing not too long ago and it’s super fun and makes such for a casual day out. The Junkyard Golf definitely looks better than the one we went to!

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