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it’s my favourite time of the year – The Lush Valentines collection has been released!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas collection but it’s the Valentines one that I get real excited for. Love heart scents, candy pinks and sugary violets…It’s an absolute dream.

As I’m on the savings train I didn’t go too wild, instead just selecting a couple of returning pieces from last year that I LOVED and a couple of newbies.

Favourites that I’ve re-purchased:

Love Boat – £4.50

Sicilian lemon oil, sweet orange oil, rose oil

If you read last years review, I adored this bath bomb as it smells like my favourite lip scrub ‘The Kiss’. It smells of candy but isn’t overpowering or sickening. The colours it leaves in the bath are pretty cool too – I would love it if they made this permanent.

Unicorn Horn – £4.50

Lavender oil, neroli oil, ylang ylang oil

Smelling a lot like the Sleep body lotion, the unicorn horn is an absolute delight. I’m a sucker for a bubble bar as you get more use out of them but with the unicorn horn I can’t resist chucking the whole thing in the tub.

Newbies to my collection:

American Cream shower gel – £various

Fresh strawberry juice, fresh orange juice, vanilla absolute, clary sage oil

I absolutely adore the smell of the American Cream conditioner but unfortunately the product itself doesn’t really go well with my hair as it dries it out. The smell is my favourite though so whenever a product is released from the same family, I have to have it. I picked up the body lotion before Christmas and now I have the shower gel! It doesn’t smell *exactly* the same but it’s close enough and the lush shower gels seem to last for a life time.

Peachy bath bomb – £3.95

Fresh peach juice, grapefruit oil, davana oil, elemi oil

When I smelt this bath bomb I was really disappointed as it didn’t smell very strong but once you chuck it in the bath the smell engulfs the room and pink and orange swirls bloom from the bomb itself. I have read a few reviews from people who suffered a reaction from it though so maybe give it a miss if you have sensitive skin.

Aubergine bath bomb – £3.95

Fresh aubergine, bergamot oil, tonic absolute

I wasn’t really expecting to like the scent of this one as much as I did but it’s pretty bloody lovely. It obviously lets off a lilacy purple bubble trail and there is also a lot of glitter in there – Again maybe give it a miss if you have sensitive skin! It’s really weird actually as it smells exactly like the Lush stores smell – So a mix of like every bath bomb ever created?!

Have you bought anything from the Lush Valentines collection? What did you get?


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