Three Things: A new design, Hull (yes Hull) and it’s CHRISTMAAAAAS

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Hello – I hope you are all feeling fine and festive on this glorious Monday morning. Today we have a three things post to kick off my December content.

As you can see I used Black Friday to bag myself a brand spanking new blog theme.

2018 hasn’t been the best year for my blog as I’ve flipped between having all of the motivation and absolutely none of the motivation a fair few times. I’m hoping this new look will spur me on in 2019 and get me in the zone to blog properly.

Aswell as this, I was totally over my old theme if I’m being honest – I couldn’t customise many aspects of it, I didn’t like the font used and every time I looked at it I just thought ‘meh’. It didn’t feel particularly me anymore and I was ready for a refresh.

I ended up purchasing a theme from Etsy and I’m super chuffed with it. It’s from Lucid Dreams and has a million different customizable options, they’re super helpful and quick to reply and I think it looks pretty cool too. There’s still some behind the scenes work to do (setting featured images, related posts you might like and getting my image sizes sorted) but for now, I’m happy.

On Thursday night husband and I headed to Hull to watch The Courteeners are the brand spanking new Bonus Arena and even though it was a short trip, I LOVED Hull. The drive is super easy, the hotel we stayed in served some delicious food (the room was only £36!!), the Bonus Arena was small, intimate and easy to get too and the Primark was absolutely colossal with loads of new stock that I can’t get in my local branch. Hopefully more bands go there in future as it was GREAT for us.

Yes kids, it’s the third of December meaning Christmas is practically here and Santa is coming. If you read this post you will probably be well aware that I’m part elf so I’m pretty buzzing that it’s finally the most wonderful time of the year. This weekend I’ve watched Christmas movies, the tree has gone up and I even met some gorgeous reindeer at a local garden centre.

Safe to say I’m feeling pretty festive on this miserable Monday morning!

So how are you guys? Are you ready for Christmas?


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