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The mid-week biscuit break #6


It’s the final mid-week biscuit break of the year –  I don’t think there will be one now until the 16th of January as I’m planning to have two weeks away from posting to get some behind the scenes stuff done then the 9th is my birthday. So enjoy this one, cos it’s the last one for a bit (although the one of the 16th will probably be mega).

I’ve spent most of my week catching up on Teen Mom OG so haven’t really watched anything of note BUT I did go to the cinema to catch a new release.


First things first, husband really, really didn’t like this movie but I did. I think I was a bit more prepared than him for just how ridiculous it would be? It was super cheesy and silly (and maybe a touch too long) but what can I say, I enjoyed it. Definitely one of the better DC offerings (although it isn’t hard is it?).

I haven’t listened to many podcasts this week so instead here are my three favourite podcasts from 2019.

The Fringe of It

Hosted by influencers Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin, this podcast has covered a whole heap of topics such as the environment, gynecological health, renting vs buying and more. They also discuss lighter topics in such as telly talk, shopping and fridge fantasies – It’s like listening to friends having a catch up and a chin wag before putting the world to rights.


Fitness influencer and personal trainer Oenone Forbat hosts this podcast which also discusses some pretty meaty subjects. I like this one because Oenone is very honest about her flaws and asks plenty of questions as she is always eager to learn more from others. It’s gone from strength to strength and season two has been brilliant.

Crime Junkie

I adore Case File but I felt like the episodes were getting a little bit too long to just listen to on a commute or at the gym. So I found Crime Junkie, a podcast hosted by Ashley and Brit. Each episode tends to be around 30 minutes long (although sometimes there can be numerous parts) so they are easy to digest, the hosts are likeable and the crimes covered are rarely ones I’ve heard of. A good alternative if you want something shorter and snappier.

A couple of articles that I’ve highly enjoyed reading this week.

Mel B: ‘I got used to lying. I didn’t want anyone to find out’ – Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian
In Defence Of Being Unproductive – Lauren Bravo, Refinery 29
Grace Millane’s death should be a wakeup call for men, not a warning to women – Biba Kang, The Independent
Idris Elba Says #MeToo Movement Is “Only Difficult If You’re a Man with Something to Hide” – Yohana Desta, Vanity Fair
And that’s all for this week’s installment of the biscuit break. Happy Wednesday!

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