The mid-week biscuit break #5

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Hello and welcome to the fifth edition of the mid week biscuit break, where I share things that I’ve watched, listened to and read over the course of the week.

Dumplin’ – Netflix

Although this film is maybe half an hour too long, it’s message is a good ‘un. It’s about self love, self acceptance, friendship and our queen Dolly Parton. I didn’t love it but I got what it was trying to say and if you struggle with accepting who you are, go give it a watch.

Since Sliced Bread

An anti-diet podcast centred around disordered eating, diet bullshit and getting on with food. It’s only a baby with two live episodes but Alice & Cait are great hosts.

I’m not being funny but – Do we have to grow up? With Laura Jane Williams

Another new find presented by Leena Norms (who is another fab host – I love her little bit at the beginning talking about three things from the news that she loved that week). Laura’s blog Superlatively Rude was one of the first I ever listened to and I love listening to her on other people’s podcasts. 

If you’re conventionally beautiful, it’s easy to criticize airbrushing and beauty standards – Jessica Lindsay, Metro
‘It’s a man’s problem’ Patrick Stewart and the men fighting  to end domestic violence’ – Anna Moore, The Guardian
Fuck Lena Dunham and the white feminist horse she rode in on – Sherronda J Brown & Laura Witt, Wear Your Voice
What Happened When I Started Intuitive Eating – Kelsey Miller for A Cup of Jo
Reaching saturation point: Our phones, the news and too much information – Emily Clarkson
Happy Wednesday, have a lovely week! The final countdown is nearly here!

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