The mid-week biscuit break #4

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Welcome to another edition of the mid-week biscuit break, a weekly series sharing some of the things I’ve watched, read and listened too.

The Christmas Chronicles – Netflix

The Christmas Chronicle tells the story of Teddy and Kate, siblings who are struggling with their father’s recent death. On Christmas Eve their mother has to work, leaving Teddy in charge. They decide to try and catch the big man in the act (Kurt Russell looking fiiiine by the way) and chaos ensues. It’s a bit nuts but it’s a great bit of festive fun.  

Kidding – Sky Atlantic

Jim Carrey (Yes THE Jim Carrey) plays Mr.Pickles//Jeff Piccolo, a children’s television entertainer who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his son, the behaviour of his other son and the breakdown of his marriage. His sister, who provides the puppets for his tv show, has her own issues and their father, the boss, seems to have little regard for either of their problems. It’s dark, it’s funny and it shows us how grief affects a family.


Zuzu is an artist from Liverpool and we saw her support The Courteeners last Thursday. She’s a great vocalist and lyricist and I love that her Scouse accent shines through in her music. I’ve downloaded all of her songs and I’m gunna be following her from now on. 

Gerry Cinnamon

Another support act for The Courteeners (pretty bad when the support acts are better than the main band right?) was Gerry Cinnamon, a Scotsman. The crowd went absolutely mad for him (he even had his own chant and he was only support) and we were pretty keen on him too. The next day tickets were released for his tour and they sold out super fast – He is most definitely one to watch in 2019.

Adulting – Fat, fat loss and fads with Dr Joshua Wolrich

Another great podcast from Oenone (she’s killing it at the moment) with Dr Joshua Wolrich from the anti diet Instagram account Unfattening. They talk about un-healthy relationships with food, body image and what Joshua describes as ‘nutribollocks’. If you are into health and fitness, or want to know more, go give it a listen.

Notes from an introverted feminist – Lauren Evie
Little Mix: These issues of body shaming needed exposured -Gaby Hinsliff for The Guardian
Your hygge obsession is weird and misunderstood, please stop – Laura Byager 
Is there anything you guys want to share this week?

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