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Good Morning sweet things, today I’m totally jumping on the bandwagon and I’m sharing a money diary with you! Refinery 29 share these weekly and I adore Michelle and Kristabel’s so here’s mine.

Note: I live at home at the moment and I have minimal outgoings. I’m very fortunate to be in the position I am in currently. This money diary comes to you one week after payday.


8:00am. As usual my alarm goes off at 7.30 and 7.45 but I snooze both in favour of my 8am alarm instead. I watch a bit of GMB (the sheer annoyingness of the hosts tends to force me out of bed) through bleary eyes then get up and get ready for the day.

8.40am. I arrive at work and get set up for a 9am start. I really fancied a McDonalds sausage and egg McMuffin for breakfast but as I had two packets of the festive cheese melts for dinner yesterday, I refrain. Instead I have two Weetabix with sweetener. It hits the spot quite nicely actually.

9.30am. I check my bank account and husband has transferred me £92 for Christmas presents. This year there were a couple of bits I wanted and as he is incapacitated with his broken heel, I picked them up and paid for them. It was supposed to be £127 but I owed him £35 for a ticket to a charity boxing match that our friend is taking part in.

12.00pm. I decided on a lunch time jaunt to Aldi as I want to pick up the Charlotte Tilbury/Nars dupes I’ve seen on the internet. I’m in luck and there are still plenty in stock. Also pick up a steak fajita pizza and a Tuscan sausage pasta bake for the weekend, some pork, bacon & cheddar sausage rolls (divine by the way), sloe gin mince pies for my Dad and a Malteaser advent calendar for husband. Total comes to £25.94.

12.20pm. Go to the post office to do some returns – A Topshop skirt that didn’t suit me and some ASOS bits.

12.40pm. Back to work and the postman arrives with a cheeky little Black Friday parcel from Cult Beauty – A Becca shimmering skin perfector in the shade Moonstone. I got it for £21 as opposed to it’s usual RRP of £30.

1pm-6.30pm.  A long and boring afternoon in the office followed by a quick visit to see the husband and the dog. Around 6.30 I head to my friends house for a long overdue catch up and some turkey Bolognese (no eating out as she’s skint but it doesn’t matter cos she is a GREAT cook). Offer her some money for the ingredients but she refuses.

Total spend: £25.94


12pm. Manic morning making orders, getting quotes for PPE, dealing with electricians, calling clients and sorting out plant mechanics. Opt for a can of Morrisons leek and potato soup out of my drawer (the best leek and potato soup in my opinion) and some buttered bread for lunch.

2.30pm. Leave work early and fill the car up on my way to pick up the invalid. £39.12. Husband gives me £10 in petrol money which is nice of him. I also take £30 out of my account incase there is a band t-shirt that takes my fancy.

5pm. Arrive in Hull and pay £36 for the hotel room (spit between us so Jody transfers me £18) then a fiver on top for parking. I could have driven home after the gig but I just couldn’t be bothered so we found a super cheap hotel on £23.

6pm. Jody buys tea cos he’s a babe like that. We have rump steak with fries, garlic bread and onion rings and oh. my. god. It was bloody delicious. It actually came in at a VERY reasonable £43 which was pretty sweet for two steaks.

7pm. We get a taxi to the arena which is LITERALLY around the corner from our hotel. Buuut it would take a lifetime to get there with husband on crutches so it’s necessary. £7.40 return but Jody gets it.

11pm. Back to hotel where we watch an episode of The Inbetweeners. We discuss how the support acts were amazing but the main act fell a bit flat. Eventually we fall asleep but the hotel is above the train station so it’s bloody loud.

Total spend: £82.12


9am. As we are in Hull I obviously have the day off – Yay! I head over to Primark (which I believe is pretty new) and spent £24 on some bits (mainly pants). I use £20 out of cash I took out yesterday (there was no merchandise I fancied at the gig) and a few stray pound coins I happen to have.

11.30am. Go to Wetherby services cos Jody fancies a Burger King. I pick up some of M&S’s pornstar martini’s in a can for £4.50. I’m not really a big drinker but I’ve seen them on Instagram and I’m curious.

1pm. Spend £4 in Aldi on halloumi fries, chocolate churros and a garlic baguette. The essentials you know?

8pm. We’ve pretty much spent the whole day in bed watching Sky. A day well spent in my opinion.

Total Spend: £8.50

11.30pm. After watching Soccer AM (husband’s choice) I have a tidy up and get dressed before going downstairs and making bacon and cheese omelette. I forget how much I love omelettes and mine has a sprinkling of garlic powder, making it extra delicious.

2pm. We decide to watch Netflix’s ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ and I whack the churros I bought yesterday into the oven as we fancy a snack and there’s not a lot in. They’re yummy but could have done with a couple more minutes in the oven.

4pm. After much deliberation, I go to Tesco to get Jody and I some tea as we are both starving after our busy day of doing nothing but watch Christmas movies. I buy a load of party food on 3 for 2, some Pringles and some beer, coming in at £23.46. Jody bought tea in Hull so I don’t ask for any money back.

8pm. Another day spent lazing around and eating. I’m definitely going back to the gym on Monday (after a week off).

Total Spend: £23.46

11am. Take husband home as it’s Super Sunday and there are three football derby’s on. I was gunna stay at his but that’s too much football for me.

1pm. Go with parents to Northallerton. Buy some bits for husband’s Christmas stocking. I know he’s thirty next year but I really really love Christmas. Put a fiver on my card and spend £7.99 of that tenner I took out in Hull.

3pm. Mum and Dad want a Christmas tree so we go to Thirsk Garden Centre…And they have real life REINDEERS. Amazing.

6pm. Order Laura Bates ‘Everyday Sexism’ on Amazon for £6.28. I saw it in Waterstones earlier but I knew it would be cheaper on Amazon – I am the reason the high street is dying I’m sorry.

9pm. On a whim I check a local circus style gyms schedule and see that the circus circuits are back on (the old teacher has gone on maternity but they have a new one in place). I was supposed to go a few weeks ago and ended up pussying out but I’m adamant I’m gunna go this time. £7.

Total spend: £18.28

8.15am. I arrive at work early as a good will gesture for letting me go early Thursday. They always tell me that I don’t need to do so but I like too. They’re actually really good to me and I can’t see myself moving on from here any time soon (I usually get bored after a year or so).

12pm. After a morning spent catching up at work I head to the gym and do my weight-lifting routine. I listen to the rest of Oenonee’s podcast ‘Adulting’ – Episode 22 is with Dr Joshua Wolrich who I follow on Instagram and is based around fat and diet and body image. It’s a good one.

1pm. I get back to work and whack a Tesco ready meal in the microwave – pulled pork with cheesy mash. It’s okay I guess but nothing to shout about. On gym days I like to have something that fills me up properly and ready meals tend to be the way I go, my usual dinner of soup just doesn’t cut it.

5pm. I finish work and head over to Jody’s house as I’m staying the night. He’s trying to build his fitness back up so he’s been out and got stuff for fajitas, our number one favourite meal. We always use the Old El Paso bbq seasoning sachets cos they’re ridiculously yummy and I always chuck in some onion and red pepper to try and make it that little bit healthier.

7pm. We settle down for an evening of watching tv. Police Interceptors, I’m a Celeb and a few episodes of Kidding.

Total spend: £0

8am. I wake up with a nervous tummy because I have a dentist appointment at 10.30. I’m genuinely terrified of the dentist and a few years ago my surgery was taken over, which sucks as I’d known my old dentist my entire life. I spend the first part of the morning over-analysing what’s going to happen and how much it’s going to cost me.

11am. I’m out of my appointment and I’m alive…Although it has set me back £21.60, the usual NHS check up charge. I’m just grateful that I don’t have to come back for another six months if truth be told.

11.15am. Pop to the post office to cash a work cheque. Pick up a litre bottle of water (I re-use all plastic bottles there are 7 in the office fridge at the moment) and some brown paper for Christmas wrapping – £3.39.

12.30am. Spend some of my lunch break browsing Ebay for some bits and bobs to adorn my brown paper with. Book mark some sparkly pom poms and some sequin stars to purchase at a later date. Also need ribbon, glue and/or twine and am contemplating a stamp of some kind to save on tags. Lunch was another ready meal, this time creamy cajun chicken with rice.

5pm. I finish work and head home. It’s been a long bloody day today and I’m ready for a shower and a few hours of The Office U.S. 

Total spend: £24.99
Weekly spend: £183.29
Final thoughts:

Honestly, that’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It was a pretty big week for money as I had to fill my car up, pay for the hotel in Hull and pay for the dentist – Without these my total would have been £81.57 which isn’t too shabby for this self-confessed spend-a-holic. One thing I do need to keep an eye on is those times when I say ‘I’m just popping to the shop’. I only intend to spend a few quid but I usually end up around the £25 which soon adds up over the course of the month!


  • Claire @ Coffee With Claire

    08/12/2018 at 12:57 am

    This is really interesting that I’d love to give it a shot as well!

    Even with your bills, I agree that your weekly spent is not that bad, especially when you work out what it would’ve been without the bills. Yesterday, I spent $120 AUD on postage because I was shipping packages back home (Canada) for the holidays. I was honestly not expecting it to be THAT expensive. I’m even a bit nervous to see what my total would be after a week if I tried doing this Monday Diary thing!

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