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Today I’m talking about a class I recently attended – Circus Circuits!

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Before I begin – What is circus circuits

Circus circuits is a circuits class with a difference – Instead of your usual dumbbell/kettlebell circuits you use the wall bars, aerial hoop and pole aswell as a some bodyweight moves.

How much did it cost?

It cost me £7 for an hour.

What did I wear and what did I take?

I wore my puma gym leggings and a Primark spaghetti strap vest top. I wore socks for the first half of the class but took them off halfway through to help with grip. I took a bottle of water and that was it. A towel is also recommended.

What can you expect from the class itself?

I was super nervous about going to my class and in the warm up I was thinking wtf have I signed up for. But then the warm up was over, the instructor started asking me questions RE hoop/pole knowledge and the three other girls reassured me that I would be absolutely fine and that the class was really fun.

We were then ran through the circuits (where we had an easy, regular and hard option) before giving them a go. There were five bodyweight ones like squats and crunches (I could do them hurrah!) then 5 pole ones (Erm…These not so much). We then went into the other room where we did 3 aerial hoop exercises, 1 with a trapeze, 1 with the wall bars and 5 more bodyweight ones.

We then did a cool down stretch before leaving.

How did I find it?

It was hard but it was a lot of fun. I struggled remembering all of the different equipment moves but the instructor was on hand to run me through them. I was a bit shit at the equipment moves but I tried to do all of them the best I could. It didn’t feel like a massively exhausting workout whilst I was doing it but I had a nice sweaty sheen throughout.

The instructor and the girls in the class were really nice and helpful aswell which made things a lot easier, they really put me at ease. 

How did I feel afterwards?

When I got home I was glowing as I really enjoyed the class, more than I thought I would. As the night went on the burn started to creep in and in the morning, muscles I didn’t even know existed were aching – But in a good way. My upper body was a lot sorer than my lower but as I’m quite strong on my bottom half that didn’t surprise me. The whole point of me going to this class is to build up my upper body so I was pleased with the resulting aches and pains. 

One thing to note – The hoop and pole aren’t for the faint hearted. I have a sexy bruise on my right thigh from a pole that’s causing me a bit of bother and I hear hoop is even worse.

Will I be going next week?

Well considering I wrote this a week ago and went last night – YES! I’m booked in for next week and will hopefully be a regular class goer in 2019.

Would you try circus circuits? Is there anywhere near you that does something similar?

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