When is the right time to start getting festive?

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My Twitter feed (and real life actually) seems to be filled with people who are firmly split into two camps: The ‘Can we please wait until December before we start watching Elf and listening to Slade?’ camp and the ‘SANTAAAA, OMG SANTAAA’S COOOMING! BRING ON THE EGGNOG, THE PRESENTS AND ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS CHEER!’ camp.

I, safe to say, fall into the latter category. Heart Xmas is programmed into channel four in my car, I’ve watched all of the Christmas adverts repeatedly, most of my presents are bought and wrapped and I’ve indulged in my first Christmas movie.

I know that some people will probably hate me for this – my slightly Grinchy husband included – but the festive season has always been my favourite, not helped by my Christmas mad mum and sister.

Despite being part elf, I do totally understand where people are coming from when they are saying ‘it’s too early’. Not everyone enjoys the festive season due to one reason or another or they like to fully embrace it come December  – Both of which are fair enough.

BUT I don’t think it’s right to chastise people for getting into the spirit of things early. The world is a pretty shitty place to be at the moment so if we find something glittery and fun and happy to grab hold of and run with, why the heck wouldn’t we?

Then there’s looking at it from a class perspective – For a lot of people, Christmas is a pricey time and a lot of families can’t afford to buy everything in December. Instead they spread the cost, buying gifts in the sale, diy-ing crafts and decorations and filling the freezer with bargains. It makes a lot of sense economically for people on a lower income and means they get to enjoy the festive season without breaking the bank.

Christmas is a season for spending time with your loved ones, being thankful for what you have and helping others if you are in a position to do so (and wearing as much glitter and eating as much party food as humanly possible) – There’s nothing wrong with starting that early in my eyes.

So when is the right time to start getting festive? Well my friends, it’s whenever you damn well please August? October? The 21st of December? It’s totally up to you.

So tell me: When do YOU start getting all festive and merry?

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