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The mid-week biscuit break #3


Welcome to the third edition of the mid-week biscuit break!

The Lion King trailer

Shit the effing bed it’s here, it’s FINALLY here! On Friday TLK live action trailer was released after months of anticipation and oh my days. The animation, the music, the voice, THE CUTENESS! I can’t cope. Safe to say I will be first in line at the cinema for that one.

Lena Dunham – Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Lena Dunham is problematic and uber controversial but there is something about her that I find fascinating (I know, feel free to unfollow me). In this episode she talks to Dax Shepard about her various illnesses, her addiction, being hated and social media. Oh and showing Brad Pitt her pants. It’s a long listen but I found it interesting (she was also interviewed for The Cut this week and that is getting a lot of heat).

White girls reinventing themselves as black women on instagram has to stop – Emma Dabiri for I-D, Vice

An interesting read on how white girls are trying to pass as mixed race or light skinned black women. Emma wrote ‘ That’s what these are, costumes — but blackness isn’t opt in and opt out. We can’t be black when it suits us, and then wash it off when confronted by the very real racism that continues to reduce our realities’.

Newsflash – hating on the Kardashians and reality tv doesn’t make you edgy – Emma Kelly for Metro

‘However, I’m sick of people – mainly men – thinking that disliking reality TV and that the Kardashians have ruined the world is the edgiest outlook on life you can have. It really isn’t. It’s dull, it’s predictable, and it’s often used to belittle young women who enjoy pop culture’.

Why simple living and minimalist lifestyles need to be more inclusive – Our Story Time

Huma writes in the most beautiful way and I love this article on why simple living and minimalism need to be more inclusive. She also shares four ways to be more inclusive.

Break the Internet: Amanda, Please – Abby Schreiber, Paper Mag

Like most nineties kids I grew up on Nickelodeon and a staple viewing of  my sister and I’s weekend was The Amanda Show starring Amanda Bynes. She’s The Man is still one of my all time favourite movies and I found it so, so sad when she fell into the world of substance abuse. This interview shows true growth and is an honest and frank look at the power drugs can hold over people. I’m glad to see that she’s come out of the other side.

Have a lovely week! Hope you are all ready and prepared for the start of December.

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