The mid-week biscuit break #2

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Hello and welcome to the second edition of the mid-week biscuit break. This week’s image comes courtesy of Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash (I will sort my own image out eventually I promise).

I would have included Dynasties: Penguin on this list but A) I included the chimpazee one last week and B) I nearly cried a million times.

The John Lewis Christmas advert

Every year I look forward to the John Lewis Christmas advert and I won’t lie to you Gwen, this year I was disappointed. I mean I get the whole idea behind it – A gift as a child that was given with love transformed the life of that young man (Elton John obvs) beyond recognition…But it doesn’t scream Christmas does it? And where are the cute, whimsical creatures? Don’t even get me started on the merchandise they are selling alongside it – £40 t-shirts with Elton John on them. Daylight robbery my friends. They could have at least given us a plush Elton or something. So yeah – Disappointed. He never even got a piano for Christmas as a child either.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

A controversial film to include due to it’s casting of Johnny Depp and JK Rowling deciding that Voldemort’s snake Nagini (who gets beheaded) is now a South Korean woman (FYI, Nagini is actually a snake like creature from Indonesian mythology). I was in two minds whether to share that I went to see it but I’ve got to be honest with you guys and the magical world that Rowling created meant so much to me when I was younger. I went to see it with husband and half way through I (yes me, the HP nut) turned round to him and said that I had no idea what was going on. It’s just a bit all over the place and I wasn’t that keen on the twist at the end – It’s left me with a lot of questions. The best scenes were the ones that involved beasts, but sadly they were lacking (I wish the movie was solely about Newt chasing creatures). Jude Law as Dumbledore though? Go on then.  

The Return of I’m a Celebrity

I’m sorry but I love it. Always have, always will. So far I’m liking Nick Knowles, John Barrowman and Emily Atack. I also think it’s great how Rita Simons and Anne Hegerty were talking so openly about their Asperger’s/OCD.

I was really rubbish at listening to podcasts this week, I’ll try to do better next week!

Laura Bates on talking sex and harassment in schools, positive action and tackling misogyny – Ways To Change The World podcast

Laura Bates  books ‘Everyday Sexism’ ‘Girl Up’ and ‘Mysogination’ have been on my wishlist for ages and after listening to this podcast I’m definitely getting them when I get paid. Click the link to hear Laura Bates talk about educating school girls and boys about sex and harassment, the Everyday Sexism project she set up in 2012 and more. 

I read some pretty cool things this week and I’d love to know your thoughts on them – Especially Shona and Victoria’s blog posts.

Jessie Cave: From Harry Potter to comedy’s queen of oversharing – The Times

I adore Jessie Cave and in this article we get to learn a little bit more about her and her comedy shows. I really enjoy when she talks about her current situation with her baby daddy, showing that not all families are one mum, one dad, two kids and one house that everyone lives in happily.

Is this the end of PR Packages? – In The Frow

Victoria discusses wasteful PR packages and what she is doing to minimize both her recycling waste and her product waste. She’s got such a massive following and she holds so much influence so it’s great that she’s being vocal about such an important topic.

The Plastic Straw Ban And How It Harms Disabled People – Shona Louise

Some food for thought on the hot topic of plastic straws. I especially liked this excerpt – ‘This revealed that brands Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola, Pepsico and Proctor & Gamble were some of the biggest offenders when it came to plastic pollution. If we put the responsibility onto the big names then we’ll force a shift towards investing money into finding viable alternatives, rather than the responsibility falling on the general public with our act now, ask questions later ideology’ – and this one ‘ If you combine this with the targeting of pre-cut fruit and vegetables, wrapped in plastic, then it really feels like disabled people are taking the brunt of this social movement. We want to save our planet as much as the next person, but we simply recognise that we don’t need to give up our right to be independent to do that. This isn’t an either or situation, we don’t need to sacrifice disabled people. So, the next time someone tells you how pointless plastic straws are, just remind them that for some people they are the difference between having access to liquids or not’.

Michelle Obama Interviewed – The Guardian

From major names like Sadiq Khan and Katy Perry to primary school kids from Hertford, QUEEN Michelle Obama answers questions about her role models, her mother, politicians, a cirriculum for school girls, the white house and more. 

If Loving Junk Food Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right – Emma Bracy for Man Repeller

Totally relate to this article by Emma. I’m a big junk food fan – Yes it’s bad for me, but no, I won’t apologise for my love of McD’s chicken nuggys and Rowntree’s fruit pastilles. ‘Life is tough, man, and sometimes going HAM on a pizza pie or a Mr. Softee truck makes me forget about all the bad shit for a minute. So I eat what I want’.

I hope you enjoyed the second edition of the mid-week biscuit break as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

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