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Hello and welcome to my new and (hopefully) weekly blog series – The mid-week biscuit break. The idea of the mid-week biscuit break is to share what I’ve been watching, listening too, reading and any other bits and bats that I quite liked throughout the week. This isn’t my first attempt at a weekly blog series so it might be short-lived but this time it may be different as it’s not about me, it’s about sharing what other people have to say.

(Lovely stock image is by Brooke Lark via Unsplash)

Dynasties on BBC1

Well lads, they’ve done it again. Another cracking nature documentary presented by the king himself, David Attenborough. The first episode centres around a chimpanzee troop led by a male named David. David looks pretty bad ass with his chewed up ears but he’s getting on a bit and some young punks want to take his place as leader. What follows is an amazing story of survival and let me tell you, I was on the edge of my seat for the whole hour.

Adulting #19 – Fast fashion, veganism & sustainable living with Venetia Falconer

Adulting is a podcast presented by personal trainer Oenone – Each week she interviews a guest on subjects close to their heart and this week’s happened to be very en vogue – She spoke to Venetia Falconer about veganism, fast fashion and sustainable living. One thing I adored about this podcast is how the women discussed feeling guilty about their choices and being slammed online – For using straws when having a drink with their mum, not wanting to be seen with a plastic water bottle, their fashion choices. Trying to avoid fast fashion and use less plastic and eat less meat etc etc etc can be a little bit exhausting sometimes and it was nice hearing big influencers discussing the fact that they do struggle sometimes.

The Greatest Showman Reimagined

When I saw who was taking part in the re-imagining of The Greatest Showman soundtrack I did a little squeal – Panic at the Disco, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Kesha and more…Amazing. The whole album hasn’t been released yet but there are a couple available on Apple Music and they are fabulous. Kelly Clarkson’s cover of ‘Never Enough’ gave me actual chills.

The Fringe of It #32 – Discussing women’s health with Anita Mitra aka Gynae Geek

Periods and gynaecological health are super important and something that I feel isn’t really discussed enough. How are young women meant to be prepared for changes in their bodies if we barely talk about it amongst ourselves? It’s still a taboo subject and I loved that this week Liv and Charlotte invited Anita, a gynaecologist on to talk about women’s health. The hosts got really into it, asking some great questions, and Anita gave some helpful, insightful answers.

Refinery29 money Diary: A 65 year old retiree living in Cornwall on a state pension

Who doesn’t love Refinery 29’s money diaries?! Some make me feel pretty bad about my spending habits then there are others that make me feel really, really good. I liked this one because it’s totally different to the other – The woman is older, doesn’t have a high income and is retired. She came across as full of zest and I hope my life is that full when I’m that age.

The importance of female friendships – Glasses Girl

A great post from Lizi on the importance of female friendships – I constantly see women tearing other women down online, in the media, in real life so this is a good reminder to be good and support others. Less Regina George you can’t sit with us, more Spice Girls girl power basically.

‘I was pretty much mute at school’: How Bake Off’s Kim-Joy found happiness

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that Kim-Joy was my favourite contestant on this year’s Great British Bake Off. She was cute, whimsical and just seemed really, really nice. This interview is a peek into her world post GBBO and she comes across really well.

Sali Hughes on beauty banks: A schoolchild thanked us for shower gel

It breaks my heart that in 2018, more and more people are relying on food and beauty banks in order to get by. In this article Sali Hughes talks about how and why she set up Beauty Bank, the work they do and how we, the general public, can help. As a beauty fanatic on a decent wage, I take it for granted how easy I can get (what I see as) boring and basic things like shower gel and toothpaste. After reading  this I will definitely be donating to Beauty Bank come payday so I thought I’d share the article here incase any of you guys wanted to do the same.

In memory of a life well lived – Tape Parade

Laila’s writing never fails to move me in some way and this piece on death and grief and the loss of her Grandma is no different. I won’t bore on about it because I think you should read it yourself – It’s a beautiful tribute.

Rebecca Humphries On How Kindness Has Been Revamped In 2018

If you don’t know who Rebecca Humphries is here’s a brief lowdown – Her now ex, Sean(n) Walsh, was on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing and a few weeks into the competition he was photographed kissing his dance partner. His girlfriend – Rebecca – had the most dignified response I have ever seen to his betrayal and I’m still in awe of her for it. In this essay she wrote for Vogue, she talks about how whilst some people find being kind boring, kindness is actually pretty amazing. As a big believer in being nice and being kind, this spoke to me and I loved reading what Rebecca had to say.

And that, my friends, concludes the first edition of the mid-week biscuit break! Let me know your thoughts on the new series or any of the things linked.

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