Ten things making me super happy lately #4

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As explained previously, things are a bit quiet in my life at the moment and I’m also really struggling taking photos because of the current daylight situation. I’m working on it but for now, have a ten happy things post.

1.0 Husband has had his operation. Praise Satan, the husband has finally had his operation on his heel and it’s all gone okay. He had to stay in hospital for a couple of nights (it bled a lot and his temperature was a touch too high) but he’s home now. Onwards and upwards from here! (hopefully anyway).

2.0 The Heathrow Bears. Oh. My. Days. I watched the Heathrow bears Christmas advert when I was due on my period and let me tell you, I was not prepared. Such a lovely, wonderful, heart-warming advert. John Lewis has a lot to live up to.

3.0 Urban Circus fitness. Okay so I haven’t actually been to this yet BUT I’m super excited to go. Urban Circus is a gym near me that offers mainly pole and aerial hoop classes but there are also a few other options. For my first go I’ve opted for a Circus Circuits class as it incorporates pole, hoop, hammock, wall bars, TRX, bodyweight and stretches – So I can try a bit of everything. I’m so bored at the gym and I really fancy finding a new hobby so here’s hoping I like it.

4.0 Morrisons mini Christmas confiers. Last year Morrisons were selling mini Christmas trees bit by the time I went to get one, they’d disappeared. Well last week when I was in there I noticed they were back so I snapped one up straight away. It’s gunna look super cute on my desk come December – It twinkles as it’s covered in gold glitter, has a lush rose gold pot and a cute little decoration of pines, berries and a wooden cut out Christmas tree. It was also a bargain at £3 so if you see one and are desk bound for most of your week, you should pick one up!

5.0 Re-watching Broad City. I think I mentioned Broad City on here the first time I ever watched it but as it’s back on Sky box sets I decided to give it a second watch and honestly, it’s even better second time around. I love Abby and Illana and I’m so sad that season five is going to be the last one.

6.0 Return of the glitter. Truth be told, I wear glitter on my eyes most days, rain or shine, but once Halloween is out of the way things go up a notch for the festive season. Glitter eyeliner, pressed glitter, loose glitter – ALL OF THE GLITTER PLEASE. Some looks are pretty over the top – Bright pink shadow & glitter all around the eyes anyone? – and some are a bit more understated – a bit of iridescent glitter in the inner corners for a subtle highlight or a light (sky blue maybe) smattering under the bottom lashes for example.

7.0 Stradivarious snake print dress. I’m trying to be a lot more responsible with my purchasing at the moment and this snake print dress is one of my only buys for quite some time. It costs £35.99 but I snagged it for a tenner with my ASOS A List vouchers (RIP you will be missed). Snake print is v on trend I hear, it’s long enough that I feel sophisticated in it but the slits give it a little bit of something extra. I was worried I looked a bit 1930’s Grandma but husband reassured me I did not.

8.0 National Trust membership. Living in Yorkshire means I’m surrounded by National Trust spots but I’ve never actually invested in a membership – Until now. I’m really excited to get out about with Brucey Baby (unfortunately husband can’t come because of, you know, his broken heel) and my membership even came with some binoculars – Cool as fudge right?

9.0 Galaxy frothy hot chocolate. Deliciously thick and tasty – Recommend making it with hot milk over hot water.

10.0 My Christmas cactus. When we moved into our old house Jody’s Grandad gave me a some kind of green stub in some soil. I was like ‘eh?’ but with a bit of love and care a Christmas cactus emerged. It’s grown loads since I got it in Summer 2017 and I’m really proud of it’s progress – I’s currently covered in some beautiful pink flowers too which makes me feel even more chuffed.

Have a lovely week!

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