Current Beauty Favourites #2

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Come have a nosey at my current beauty favourites…

 Slave2Pink ($5)

I placed my first Colourpop Cosmetics order just before Christmas last year and this was one of the items I purchased. It’s a vivid electric pink that’s very intense, very pigmented and long lasting (especially when combined with some UD eyeshadow primer potion).

I like to use a brush to apply some under my lower lash line then smear it all over the eyelid. I then add some pink pressed glitter from one of my Revolution palettes then some kohl and a cats eye to finish off the look. It looks super fun and grungy and it’s actually a favourite look of my husbands (on me not him – although I would totally do it for him if he asked!).

The Colourpop super shock shadows are lush as they are soft and creamy so if you were thinking of making an order, I would definitely recommend picking a couple of these up.

 ‘Space Dust’ (Part of the Hex Remedy set £35)

This year Urban Decay have brought back their five piece travel size eyeliner set with this year’s offering being called ‘ Hex Remedy’. It includes a burnt orange, a purple, a glittery blue, a pitch black and my favourite, ‘Space Dust’ a warm platinum metallic.

Space Dust is a silvery gold (if that’s even possible?) that is packed with glitter and sparkle. It looks really nice when used as an inner corner highlight or you can go the whole hog (like moi) and use it on your lower lash line. It’s a great eyeliner for the upcoming party season and I imagine it will make all eye colours pop.

As with all of the 24/7 eye pencils, the product practically glides on to the eyes. They’re a bit of a pain in the arse to pencil but other than that, it’s all positive from me.

Coconut £6 // Cinnamon Apple £6

I had my first set of acrylics done in September (they’ve gone now as I kept catching them) and as they are known for ruining natural nails I decided to buy some cuticle oil to help keep my nails healthy.

I’ve seen Naf Salon’s cuticle oils on a few people’s Instagram Stories so decided to give them a go and I’m glad I did as the product itself is lush and arrived super quick. I ordered two – coconut and cinnamon apple – and they smell good enough to eat (although coconut is probably no.1).

The twisty brush pen is a great idea as it means it’s easy to use on the go and can be chucked in a bag or on a desk with ease. £6 is also a great price too – I’ve been using the coconut one twice daily for just over a week and I’ve hardly used anything. I’m pretty sure my nails are growing a lot more than they usually would so winner winner!

Tell me: What are your current beauty favourites?


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