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Aldi are well known for producing dupes of much loved high end products and this week they released a pink clay mask that has sent the internet wild.

Now I’m a big fan of the Aldi dupes – The blackberry and bay candle is still a firm favourite of mine – but I know some people disagree with how they design their products (i.e pretty much exactly the same as the more expensive brand). I personally think they could at least try to produce something that’s not an exact copy buuut I do love a bargain so my morals obviously aren’t as high as they should be.

This product in particular is a dupe of the sand and sky Australian pink pore refining face mask that retails for £39.90. Now whilst the face mask itself sounds pretty nice, the price tag most definitely does not so is it any wonder people are flocking to their local Aldi for the knock off that costs a grand total of £5.99?

Anyway morals and ethics aside, I saw it in store and originally, I resisted it but then I saw a couple of people using it on Instagram Stories and decided to go back for it.

First up, I LOVE that it comes with a little brush to apply the mask with. I’ve always applied masks with my fingers but I’m a total brush convert now. It makes application so much easier and creates so much less mess. The brush itself is small and compact meaning it’s great for travel.

Now, enough fangirling over diddy brushes – On to the mask itself.

The pink clay mask is pink – duh – in colour and has a smooth, silky texture. I slapped a thin-medium layer on with the brush and left it for ten minutes whilst I shaved my legs/washed my hair/brushed my teeth. The mask tightened up as it dried and when I looked in the mirror you could see where it had drawn out any impurities in my skin.

When it came to washing it off it took a bit of elbow grease and a flannel but my skin felt so soft afterwards.

The morning after I applied my foundation (IT Cosmetics CC cream if you were wondering) and it went on like I’d used a primer. My skin was definitely smoother and it felt super clean.

This face mask was definitely a winner and all for a bargain price of £5.99. I’m a big fan and fingers crossed it becomes part of the permanent range.

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