Ten things making me super happy lately #3

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Happy Wednesday! Here are ten things making me super happy lately.

1.0 Marks and Spencers milk and cookies granola. Part of the Christmas range, I’ve been having this delicious granola with vanilla yogurt for my breakfast and it’s a great way to start the day. Chocolate granola, crushed vanilla crème filled cookies, milk & white chocolate chunks and yogurt coated cornflakes…Tell me that doesn’t sound good.

2.0 Strictly Come Dancing. I’ve never watched SCD before but as Stacey Dooley is a contestant this year, I decided to give it a go – Guys, I LOVE IT. The glitter, the sequins, the music, the dancing, the fun…I love it all. Great way to spend a Saturday night, especially as I’m trying to save.

3.0 Two new to me true crime podcasts. Canadian True Crime podcast is hosted by an Aussie living in Canada and is very Case File-esque – No fuss, no thrills, no emotion and to the point. Crime Junkie is the opposite – American hosts Ashley and Brit give you all the information needed but as it’s like friends having a (rather grim) chat, it’s a bit more emotional and humanised. Both are v good though and a lot of the cases covered are ones I haven’t heard of.

4.0 Heavy weightlifting sessions. I went off the gym for a while (especially during the heatwave cos the gym was way too hot) but I’m trying to ease myself back in slowly as we go to Mexico at the beginning of April and I want to look my best (if you don’t want to exercise/diet before you go on holiday then that’s great but I do). I’ve been trying to have active weekends – long walks or hikes to get my steps and active minutes in – then during the week I have two/three weight lifting sessions. I forgot how much I loved that feeling you get when you wake up the day after a weights session and you can’t move properly (just me?).

5.0 Cuddles with Bruce. Now that Bruce lives with Jody at his parents house, he’s banished from upstairs and is only allowed in the kitchen (it’s not all bad – he has his pal, chocolate lab Casey, to keep him company and usually manages to wangle the last piece of bacon sarnie/cheese toastie/mash potato from his Grandad) so he’s lacking in proper cuddles. Whenever I go round I make sure I sit in his dog bed and it absolutely kills me how he climbs into my lap and snuggles in every time. My main motivator for saving is that once we have a house, Bruce will be back on the sofa and in the bed and will have cuddles aplenty.

6.0 The Great British Bake Off. I don’t know about you lot but I am really loving this series of GBBO (apart from the excessive amount of Hollywood Handshakes). The contestants are great (I’d like Kim Joy to win I think), the bakes are super creative and I’ve really warmed up to Prue and Sandi (I’ve loved Noel since his Boosh days so *shrugs*). An Extra Slice is really good too, if you don’t watch it (Fridays on C4 at 8pm) you are really missing out. Jo Brand is a fab host, Tom Allen is hilarious and they get some wicked guests on.

7.0 Primark cosy socks. Primark have these fleecy socks that cost £2.50 a pair and they are the absolute dog bollocks. Last year I bought Sulley from Monsters Inc ones and this year I have Hedwig and Stitch ones. No doubt I will be back for more as they are perfect for pairing with Dr Martens.

8.0 A Star is Born. I was supposed to go see the last week but due to a blip (i.e Jody and I had a slanging match, we both stormed off and I refused to go cos he was an arsehole – LOL) we didn’t go so we went to see it last night instead. It was everything I hoped it would be – The acting, the singing, the story, the Gaga…Go see it, you won’t be disappointed.

9.0 Lost Without You by Freya Ridings. A very lovely song, she has a very lovely voice.

10.0 My bedroom at my parents house. My room at my Mums house is great. The heating is almost always on, there’s usually a candle burning, I have fairy lights round my mirror and a big cloud-like bed that is uber, uber comfy. My parents are super easy to live with and I’m enjoying living with them a lot more than I should at 26-almost-27 years of age.

Tell me: What’s making you happy lately?

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