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If you read this post you will know that I live in Ripon, an ancient, super small city in North Yorkshire. Recently I’ve been trying to make an effort to eat and shop a bit more locally. As part of this personal goal, Jody picked me up from work on Friday dinnertime and we headed to Oliver’s Pantry, a café on North Street.

In Ripon Oliver’s Pantry is known as one of the go to places for breakfast (serving up an extensive menu that includes eggs benny, avocado, pancakes and a good old full breakfast) but this means it’s often packed on a weekend. Thankfully it wasn’t quite so busy on a Friday lunchtime so we got seated straight away.

I knew what I wanted straight away – I only get an hour for lunch so I wanted to get cracking – and ordered a hot chocolate and (what else?!) a ham, cheddar and red onion toastie (£4.75).

~ FYI Ripon does sell things other than toasties, I just really, really like toasties *shrugs* ~

olivers pantry toastie

I would have gone for something a bit fancier like the fish finger wrap, the meatball flatbread or an Oliver’s Burger but I knew the toasties tend to come out of the kitchen pretty quick (As I was a timer I needed something quick, tasty and filling).

It was, as expected, delicious, with the red onion providing a nice crunch and a good hit of flavour. The portion is pretty small though so if you have a big appetite maybe try something else…But for a quick bit of grub it was ideal (and cheap).

We sat down at 12.05 and by 12.35 we were fed, watered and on our way to look around some of the shops so yeah, a dinnertime winner.

So tell me: To start with, do you call it lunch time or dinner time? I’m a Northerner so obvs it’s dinner time. And what do you like to have for dinner? Hot, cold, basic, fancy? I need some inspiration lads.

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