Life Lately: Isn’t it about time we caught a break? (but not literally cos we’ve had enough of those)

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The second half of 2018 is turning out to be an absolute shit show. Jody and I had to move in with our parents due to our house drama, there has been two deaths in husband’s side of the family and NOW, husband has broken his heel bone.

Yes, that’s right, he’s broken his calcaneus falling off a ladder at work. In lament’s terms it’s fucked. He has to have an operation next week, recovery time can take a minimum of four months and he might have problems long term with his foot going forward.

Bigger picture – It could be worse and he’s lucky it’s only his foot and not his back, neck or head.

Smaller picture – Fuck.

But, as my favourite saying says, it’ll be reet. It always is eventually.

So for now, I’m providing sympathy, chocolate covered malted milk biscuits and a telling off when he tries to move around or fidgets too much.

Things may be quiet on the blog front as there aren’t many adventures to be had when one half of the team has a broken calcaneus but I’m sure I’ll still be checking in regularly for a waffle and/or a moan.

Have a lovely Monday and a wonderful week!

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